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ILLENIUM breaks down “Fallen Embers” track by track


ILLENIUM is one of the most successful electronic crossover artists today. Greeted by Billboard as one of the Top Dance / Electronic Artists of the 2010s and recognized within the framework of Forbes‘2020 30 Under 30 class, Denver-based producer / DJ Nick Miller topped the US charts, garnered over 4 billion collective streams, and topped world-class festivals, all in just a few years. only.

Fresh out of a series of singles and recording the largest headliner dance music event in North America (thanks to his iconic trilogy set at the Allegiant Stadium of the Las Vegas Raiders), he is safe to say that Nick Miller is on top of the dance music world. With all the momentum on her side, fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of ILLENIUM’s fourth album “Fallen Embers”. The culmination of all his career accomplishments and more, this album is packed with raw emotions and fiery soundscapes. That being said, what better way to understand the significance of this album than to hear it from the artist himself. Hear the story of how he put it all together in the track-by-track breakdown below.

Blame Myself (ft. Tori Kelly)

“We got this track from Emily Warren who’s an artist and writer and was the singer about 2 years ago. It was a really dancey version and I decided to polish it up and I really wanted to put Tori Kelly on it because that I’m a huge fan of her vocals and Emily was totally okay with that. Tori fell in love with her and cut her vocals in 2 days and I just felt it was the perfect song to open the theme of Fallen Embers album. – ILLENIUM

Sideways (ft. Valérie Broussard and Nurko)

“This song was written by Valérie about her roommate going through an incredibly difficult time in the midst of the pandemic. When we got the song, it was a very simple demo with just vocals and an acoustic guitar. There was something really special about her voiceover, this track and the strength she has in the delivery to help convey that feeling of unconditional love and support. Nurko and I went back and forth probably 4-5 times working to get the build sequencing right. I remember when Valerie heard it she said she never expected it to become something so epic and huge, but had chills and fell in love of how the song turned out. It gave a whole new life to a fairly straightforward songbase. This track came halfway through the album creation process. It was the fastest to finish and the fastest to come out. – ILLENIUM

First time (ft. Iann Dior)

“I’ve been singing ‘First Time’ in my head ever since I started working on it. I knew I wanted to put someone really awesome on it and I thought of Iann Dior. I’m a huge fan of ann and this track is a mix of my favorite sounds right now. When he agreed, he cut the trail so quickly, but then we had to decide when to take it out. We’re both so busy releasing music that we finally found a date that worked which was in March. We finally met when we filmed the video and he’s such a great person. – ILLENIUM

U & Me (ft. Sasha Sloane)

“I love Sasha Sloane and we’ve worked on things in the past, but nothing has really come together for a long time. We finally had a facetime session during the pandemic and created this song from scratch both working on the lyrics. I love it because it’s about escaping all evil and being surrounded by beauty. Hawaii is one of my favorite places to travel and I just imagined being there in my forties when I couldn’t be physically and that’s what was on my mind when I was writing this song. – ILLENIUM

Crazy Times (ft. Said The Sky)

“Said the Sky and I have worked a lot with Rock Mafia, and we always get super creative. So we put Tim’s voice from Rock Mafia on it and cranked them up really high so you could understand the lyrics. I want people to listen and create their own lyrics around it. There are songs that are really personal to me, and this is one of them. I don’t feel it’s coming from the writer’s point of view, but from your interpretation. “- ILLENIUM

Heavenly Side (ft. Matt Maeson)

“The song felt like it had to be on the Fallen Embers album. My A&R Ryan got this song from Matt who sent it to me because he knew I would love the lyrics. It was one of the first tracks we worked on and it took me a while to finish it because the lyrics meant so deep to me. As I brought my trilogy albums to an end, I was eagerly awaiting the idea of ​​new beginnings, but it can be really scary to face something new when what you’ve built has brought so many unreal things into your life. . Diving into something new because you know it is the right thing and dealing with the criticisms that may come with it is necessary to evolve or in my case to be reborn in this new light. – ILLENIUM

Night light (ft. Annika Wells)

“Annika and I have known each other for years, she was on the Ascend tour and we actually worked on this track in person before it all ended last year. It kind of paved the way for this world. which I created in Fallen Embers. A night light is not SO bright, but it is enough to guide you when you are otherwise in total darkness and to help you get through it. I think of my close friends, to my mom, my girlfriend, the core team and the people who have always stood out for me. – ILLENIUM

Hearts on Fire with Dabin (Ft. Lights)

“I was so happy with the opening guitar riff on this one… I love playing guitar. A very talented friend of mine and Dabin, Taylor Dearman, helped us write the guitar parts that give the track a lot of its structure. And I was a big fan of Lights and we sent the track to her and she recorded it and I love the way it came out. – ILLENIUM

Lay It Down with Slander and Krewella

“So Krewella sent this song to me awhile ago and it sounded so different initially. It was really kind of an alt / pop vibe and I was looking for an album like this to work on. And I wanted to collaborate with Slander so I brought them. The lyrics of this song are so important to me. “I tried to cure my head of toxins. I don’t want to drag you down when I’m done .. But I don’t want to lose you now .. ”I had to work a lot myself to get to a point where I could be fully my true self. .. Be open, accept and let someone in. So I love this track and I’m so glad it’s on the album. – ILLENIUM

Losing patience (ft. Nothing, nowhere)

“I have been in contact with Nothing Nowhere for a while. I knew I wanted to work with him and we basically built this track together for a while. – ILLENIUM

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