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Indian-American Music Artist Subhi Collaborates With Ed Geater For New Single “Water Raft”

MUMBAI: A sumptuous work by songwriters Subhi and Ed Geater, Water Raft’s sweet, enchanting sound conjures up themes of nostalgia, heartfelt warmth and tender reminiscence. The joint effort captivates, moving from sparse instrumentation to a spellbinding climax. Subhi’s beautifully simple chorus “Gimme love” and Geater’s chosen acoustic guitar are followed by stunning duet harmonies as the song’s opening greeting, and the gradual introduction of piano and solo violin contribute to an expressive progression. One would be forgiven for thinking the style is strictly folk, but the subtle, distant vibe of Geater’s production work suggests a modern twist. Over Subhi’s delicate whisper of “you’re like a raft of water”, the song launches into a lush electronic rhythm combined with layers of tremolo synth, perfectly accompanying Geater’s haunting falsetto. With a powerful outro chorus where the pair once again harmonize with aplomb, the lyrics speak to the depth and multifaceted nature of a loving connection. “Hope seems to fall on my skin, I dive into an ocean – where to start?”

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Subhi said, “I met Ed at Anara Publishing’s first Zoom Songwriter Sync Camp. We hit it off immediately and decided we wanted to write more songs together. We have started
chat about all things love and life, our better halves, and music in general. It was
during one of those candid discussions, we started jamming and created Water Raft. I
we really feel like we both put a bit of our heart into creating this one and that’s why
it’s so personal to me. I really hope people resonate with the emotions of this song.

Ed Geater said, “Working with Subhi on this track was a dream. We get along so well and the conversation flows easily, so it didn’t take long for us to broach the topics of love,
reminiscence and nostalgia when we started writing this piece as a duo. We are
so proud of Water Raft and it holds a special place in our hearts, so we hope people
connect with the emotion that we poured into this song together