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Introducing Deejay and Producer RossAlto


Based in Greece, RossAlto is an artist who combines electronic and house music.

RossAlto has been fascinated by music from its first steps.

The main inspiration for his interest in music was his father, a musician and singer, who taught him that music is life, and while it can be difficult, it is also a wonderful thing.

RossAlto began his journey playing the piano at a young age. As he grew older, his attention was drawn to electronic and house music.

RossAlto has managed to become a Deejay, who has had the opportunity to perform in front of audiences all over Greece, since 2002.

Along with his deejaying career, he was also a radio producer for several years.

What’s next for RossAlto?

Over the past year in Greece, despite all of the Covid lockdowns that had been in place for several months, RossAlto explored remixing, remake and track production further.

He has many releases on labels like Sound Avenue Labelgroup, Shango Records, Ohxala, Fishtone, Klubasic, Suma Records and others.

RossAlto’s music has been featured on numerous albums, the latest being “Tropical Bangers Vol.IV” which featured his song “Stone and Sand”.

RossAlto’s main source of creativity is nature and the amazing images it provides. This is why his pieces are full of organic and natural elements.

Asked about his goals, RossAlto replied, “My goal is to share the joy and love through my tracks or sets with more people.

I feel happy and fulfilled when the audience is dancing and really enjoying my music. So global recognition is one of my goals ”.

Listen to his last track ‘Izoulou‘ on Youtube:

You can also find all of his released songs on his Spotify account.


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