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Jackson Browne song to feature in new Danny Glover movie


Jackson Browne performs at the Palais Theater in St Kilda on Friday April 1, 2016.

through Paul Cashmere to September 23, 2021

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Jackson Browne’s “Until Justice Is Real” will be heard in the end credits of Danny Glover’s new movie “How It Feels To Be A Problem”.

“How It Feels To Be A Problem,” by director Thomas Keith, is a look through the lens of the Black Lives Matter movement. It also features Henry Rollins and the late Ed Asner.

“Until Justice Is Real” is taken from Browne’s latest album “Downhill From Everywhere”. “I think racial, economic and environmental justice is at the root of all the other issues we are facing right now,” Browne says. “Dignity and justice are the foundation of everything that matters to us in this life. “

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