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Jacob Colon stuns us with a very energetic and powerful record, ‘PROTAGONISTA’

Jacob Colon hits again with a powerful and fresh banger. The DJ released a stream of hot tracks in a row, with previous versions like “Flippin’ It”, “Late Nights” or “What We About”. While curating some refreshing tunes for his monthly radio show “Made to Move” which has garnered a lot of attention and new listeners from all over the world, Jacob returns with his new production, rhythm party catalyst “Protagonista”, which checks all boxes in terms of high quality production and his signature Jacob Colon.

This new track was released with “Made in Miami”, a label that is built on promoting and researching cutting-edge music made in Miami, to give visibility to the distinctive sounds of the city, known for its international recognition as a epicenter of nightlife. .

‘Protagonista’ opens with a heavy tribal beat that sustains and accompanies the listener throughout the song, it’s the backbone of the track. On top of that, snare processed vocals, layers of tremolo strings, and pads, which add a darker color, appear to tell the story of the song. A slow rise with bass and a heavy drop of rhythms, meets a wall of sound created by a heavy and catchy string arrangement that sets up important moments in the song and creates more intensity to get everyone moving. Filtered congas and smaller percussion add a Latin flavor to the track. Interesting drum fills transport the listener to different sections of the song with groove. This is sure to be a percussion-centric track that will inspire Latin and Afro House lovers to turn their listening experience into a full-fledged party.

Jacob Colon has certainly taken his place in the world of electronic music not only by setting the bar high in terms of sound quality and exploration, but also in terms of his consistency and perseverance. He will continue his relentless mission to share top-notch, top-notch tracks that will create a party anywhere, anytime. Follow Jacob’s latest outings and join the dance group. “Protagonista” is out now through “Made in Miami” and available in online stores and major streaming platforms.

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