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JG and Robots Unveil AI-Driven Audiovisual for “Je suis Thomas Dolby” – EDM.com


As a preview of their latest futuristic audiovisual project, JG and the Robots unveiled the official music video for “I’m Thomas Dolby (feat. Deepfake Thomas Dolby)”.

Exploring themes of transhumanism and sensitivity, JG and the Robots is a conceptual EDM multimedia experience that blends AI technologies with dance music and film performances. Its leader plays the role of a RoboSapien cyborg, accompanied by various other robots. The minds behind the ambitious project have now ditched their latest video, which uses “deepfake” artificial intelligence and computer-generated voices to reconstruct eminent 80s musician Thomas Dolby.

Dolby, who cooperated with the groundbreaking project, is credited as the “singer” of the track, which is the second in an ongoing series from JG and the Robots to flesh out the project. Check out the official “I’m Thomas Dolby” video below, featuring a disco-inspired house beat and vocoded vox of a digitized version of the famous singer.

JG and Jay Gillian of Robots were first recognized as the spirit behind synthpop duo T-4-2, a major electronic band from Texas. Combining synthesizers, drum machines and computerized production, T-4-2 released their debut album Shockra in 1984.

After the departure of the singer from the tandem Jimron Goff in 1988 and was replaced by Will Loconto, they abandoned their Hot on top locally acclaimed record in 1989. Oak Lawn Records eventually recovered T-4-2 for the 12-inch single “Don’t Let My Love (Push You Away)” the following year, which led the duo to sign with Columbia Records and finally their 1992 Intruder album.

Ultimately, Gillian decided to conceptualize and launch JG and the Robots, perhaps his most ambitious project to date. JG and the Robots connected with label and artistic collective eMERGENCY HEARTS in 2019, producing a remix of Lesson Seven’s 30th anniversary before joining the co-op in Austin, Texas the following year. Led by critically acclaimed musician, author and speaker scott crow, the eMERGENCY HEARTS catalog highlights a wide range of new and vintage electronic music.

JG and the Robots are set to make their 2021 live-action debut at Numbers Nightclub in Houston, Texas on July 3. T-4-2 will also perform there on the 24th and will open for Gary Numan in September.


Website: jgandtherobots.com
Facebook: facebook.com/JgAndTheRobots
Spotify: spoti.fi/2UdRcMY


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