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Jkyl & Hyde gives us the truth about “Celestial”

After the release of his latest track on Subsidia, “Celestial”, bassist Jykl & Hyde dropped by to discuss his creation and more.

Bass DJ and Producer Jkyl & Hyde is ready to kill when it comes to bringing the heaviest tunes to the ears of his listeners. Previous versions such as Shell Tha Place/distortion PE as well as others on labels like Grant and never say die put their presence on the map and it only continued into 2022. Following the release of the dominating single “Ruckus“Earlier this year, Jkyl & Hyde was on a roll with singles like “resonate” and “A way” – and now he is back at Subsidia with the release of “Celestial.”

“Celestial” invites listeners into the graceful yet ominous soundscape of Jkyl & Hyde’s creation with cloud-like vocals bouncing throughout the track. The adrenaline is triggered as orchestral synths pull you along before dropping a massive bassline that converges with the thematic melody. It’s a track that tugs at your emotions while never letting go of the original warmth filled with heaviness, making it perfect for crying your heart out.

It looks like 2022 will continue to be a busy year for Jkyl & Hyde after these three releases as there are a number of stops ahead of him including his Bass operations takeover in denver end of May and Origins Day in Montreal. Before he left for those shows, we got to chat with him about the new single, the state of dubstep, and more. Download or stream “Celestial” on your favorite platform and read on for the conversation!

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Hi Jkyl & Hyde, thanks for chatting with us! Let’s talk about your latest album “Celestial”, which is now available on Subsidia. What was the production process behind this release? Was it different from previous tracks?

Thank you for. With “Celestial”, the production process was not necessarily different from any previous track. Honestly, over time, I would rather say that my production process has become more refined. It’s very similar from song to song in terms of my workflow and process, alongside the sound identity of Jkyl & Hyde which continues to evolve.

“Celestial” has a really cool balance of heavy, grimy bass that we know you’re a pro at, with the soulful melody and echoing vocals. How did you balance and combine these polar sound ideas into one fully-fledged one Track?

Therein lies the beauty of the Jkyl & Hyde project, and something that has been a constant focus since day one. Highlight the contrast between light and dark, good and evil, etc. More technically, with “Celestial” in particular, I started by writing the intro, aiming for a more ambient and melodic feel. The vocal sample drove the track, and from there it all flowed together quite naturally. I knew I wanted the drop to have melodic qualities while bringing home the signature, dark and heavy, Jkyl & Hyde style on bass that people have come to know.

You released “Temper Tantrum” with Subsidia in 2020, just when they started. How has he worked with them over the past few years?

Subsidia was absolutely amazing. Watching the label continue to grow and spotlight artists of all sizes has been super cool, especially being part of the process over the past two years. With three releases on the label before “Celestial”, all on compilations, it’s a dream come true to be able to release this track as a single and work with the Subsidia team on the concept, artwork, etc.

What do you think of the state of the dubstep scene as we know it today?

We thrive. There’s more new music than ever right now, with so many ‘underground’ acts making some really high quality tunes. On the other hand, you have artists like Excision, Subtronics or Svdden Death, who are on the verge of being able to organize brand events based solely on Dubstep and Bass music. I think the scene is in a great place right now, with room for further improvement.

From there, what do you look forward to in the future as it progresses in technological advancement and popularity?

I think one thing that excites me, and is already starting to happen, is more people having access to the tools to make music. I believe it will only become more feasible for anyone who wants to try to get into music making. With this, the more music is created, the more artists can attempt to realize their vision.

Finally, can you share any words of wisdom you’ve picked up over the years that you would give to anyone looking to dip their toes into the music business?

Plain and simple, put in the hours and explore. Create hundreds or even thousands of songs or ideas, and get to know your DAW inside and out. There are many resources available on Youtube, Twitter, Discord, chatting with other producers, Reddit and more where you can find extremely valuable information. Along with that is a lot of trial and error, finding what you like and dislike, and just creating.

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