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John Santana further expands his creative aura with his new album ‘This is Me (Music is my World)’


Some artists succeed in making a lasting impression on the listener by their originality and the passion with which they shape their art. Artist Jean Santana is one of those talented gems of the stage who returns with another compelling album that multiplies his creative aura tenfold. The album ‘It’s me (music is my world)‘features twelve eclectic singles that project his exceptional musical skills. Over the years the singer rose to prominence in the music world and with decades of songwriting the artist creates meaningful lyrics that immediately provoke listeners.

The album ‘This is Me (Music is my World)’ features songs like ‘Midnight train ‘, ‘Church of Lies, ‘Dance closer to you ‘, and ‘Do not judge me’ which brilliantly showcases his creativity and versatility as a musical artist. There are many artists whose songs do not carry the intended message and soul. But unlike many others, the talented singer has incorporated heartfelt verses that carry the true essence of his musicality. Endowed with a rousing lyrical flow, the songs are enriched with an impressive rhythm arrangement and the singer improvised on the rhythmic design to make the listening experience more engaging. Blending elements of country, rock, electronics and other intriguing flavors, the artist provides a distinct essence to each record that ignites unsettling emotions in the listener.

Glasgow-based British songwriter Jean Santana has clearly proven why it is considered a gem in the music industry. Its diverse and dynamic musical fusion offers a completely unpredictable and unique experience, which makes it almost impossible for the audience to let go. He lets his expertise shine through in the last album ‘It’s me (music is my world) ‘ and the artist sees to it that nothing can always be expected of him but great things. While some songs offer classic country vibes, others are packed with catchy electronic and pop sounds as well as engaging female vocals that enhance the experience. The listener’s grove with its sound design that sounds familiar, nostalgic and powerful at the same time. The artist’s incredible songwriting skills perfectly portray her emotional and creative side and embrace listeners with a pleasant and warm feeling.

Several artists like Tom Conroy, Tom Prottey Jones, Gordon Sinclaire, Jame Colah, Jame Owen and others have helped John Santana create this incredible musical masterpiece that audiences have already showered with much love and love. appreciation. So far, the artist has won numerous awards for his songwriting prowess as he continues his quest to redefine the musical standard. Listen to the full album on Spotify now.

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