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John Summit drops “Human”, his biggest banger of the year


John Summit releases “Human”, his biggest hit of the year: listen

If you danced on Jean summitover the past few months, this could be your most anticipated release. ‘Human‘marks the American artist FFRR debut and was the secret weapon of the performances of John Summit which, since the first time, has been received very warmly by the audience. If there’s one thing John Summit fans can’t complain about, it’s the lack of new music. We are heading towards the end of 2021 and “Human” is its tenth release. The year isn’t over yet and we don’t know what else John Summit has up his sleeve, but for now we can dance to the energy of this new single.

John Summit is one of the most successful phenomena on the electronic music scene today. Hailing from Chicago, Summit has house music bubbling through its veins and hawk eyes to the beats modern crowds want to hear. In 2020, it is released on Defective records the massive blow ‘Limit‘which is still in strong rotation today. The single became Beatport’s longest-running No. 1 of the year and was featured by Pete Tong to BBC Radio 1. Numerous other big label releases followed, which brought him over 3 million monthly Spotify listeners and earned him the magnificent title of best-selling artist of all genres on Beatport in the past 12 months. .

“Human” is a groovy cut featuring Echoes this Summit cooks slowly. It took about four months to perfect the track which resulted in 30 different versions until it reached the sound you can now buy or stream. The many layers and elements of this track weren’t the only complexities John Summit faced, as several computer crashes threatened the production of “Human.” About this production adventure and the unconditional love they already have for the song, Summit says:

“Human is easily my most anticipated single to date. This drive took months to perfect, and with over 100 different items my laptop crashed several times during the process haha. (…) I’ve really started writing songs lately, rather than just doing club songs, and I feel like this song really shows those two strengths for me, which is why I ‘m so proud of it. When I first performed this track at Club Space in Miami (even though it was only a first release) the reaction was crazy and I couldn’t believe it. People have been clamoring for this record ever since and I can’t wait to release it! ‘

“Human” has that usual John Summit taste that makes your hips sway. Led by a strong, sensual and extremely melodic vocal, the piece is light but complex managing to reign on and off the dancefloors. The elegant layering and intricate accumulations give it an energizing dynamic that culminates in blistered drops. There is no shortage of rhythm on this dance cut and it’s easy to see why fans are craving the release of “Human”. Read more on John Summit’s crisp photo below:

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