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JOOLIA releases powerful and energetic new single, “Crypto Rave”


JOOLIA releases powerful and energetic new single, “Crypto Rave”: Listen

A pioneer in bringing together the worlds of electronic music and cryptography in a unique way, the artist JOOLIA (also being a member of the popular group Beverly pills) not only does that, but also releases mind-blowing tracks spanning multiple genres. With her latest release, she once again transcended genres for ‘Crypto Rave‘.

With her SoundCloud bio indicating “crypto rave queen”, JOOLIA certainly deserved this title. Having the power to turn any track into a full hit, it’s no different with ‘Crypto Rave’ and she’s looking to turn heads with this new release. Signifying the first release on his brand new label Crypto Rave which bears the same name, it starts off with a bang and who better to christen the label than the label owner herself?

Taking us straight into the underground scene and plunging us into the depths with massive energy levels right off the bat, electrifying synths and jaw-dropping bass come to the fore, while a mystical voice sounding “Crypto Rave” adds new levels to the already complex track. A real joy for any fan of underground and relentless techno beats, this is an unmissable track that will surely be the perfect soundtrack for any dark club floor.

With this release, JOOLIA continues its important message. Aiming to combine electronic dance music with crypto and blockchain technology to create an innovative new way to enjoy both aspects, the producer wants to popularize the connection between the two worlds with powerful and dedicated crypto sound and unique ideas that will use technology in a revolutionary way. The future is now, and JOOLIA is at the forefront of it.

The Crypto Rave is the place to be, and you can be there by streaming the new single below, with artwork that also happens to be an NFT created by Oleg Soroko, digital artist and artistic director of Crypto Rave.

Image credit: Joolia (Press)


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