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Joue Music Instruments unveils new version of JOUE PLAY at CES Las Vegas 2022


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During CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Joué Music Instruments unveiled a new version of its connected musical instrument Joué Play, which is finally democratizing musical creation!

Among the novelties, a major update of the application delivered with the intuitive instrument and the launch of “Artist Packs” thanks to a partnership with the French artist Rone.

Musical Instruments of Played

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Played Play, the perfect instrument to (re) start making music!

Intended for children and adults alike, with or without musical experience, everyone can create their own melodies in no time. Very easy to use, the Joué Play is suitable for children who marvel at the first notes as well as for parents who want to discover a new way of making music.

To start playing, simply plug the Joué Play into your iPad or computer, then launch the Joué Play application. Users can switch from guitar to piano or drums with a single tap using the interchangeable pads.

Users can record musical loops, adjust tempo, share your creations. There are many features that can guide users for immediate enjoyment.

Musical Instruments of Played

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New version of the Joué Play application

In addition to Live Quantize, there is a little magic wand that allows users to adjust the rhythm of the notes to be played over time. There are also new features that will allow beginners to progress quickly. For this reason, recreating famous songs or producing tracks becomes child’s play!

Once the device is plugged in, users will be able to dive into a whole new interface.

Artist packs: recreate the songs of famous artists

Available for direct download in the next version of the application, the “Artist Packs” offer users a unique experience. They will be guided to play the songs of their favorite artists in no time.

Musical Instruments of Played

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Each pack includes tutorials with different levels of difficulty to reproduce the track. To go further, users will be able to create their own musical creations with the instruments downloaded in the Artist Pack.

For each pack, 4 new instruments are included. Sorted by genre and decade, the Artist Packs library will be enriched with collaborations with national and international artists.

Visual feedback: the essential tool for faster learning

The visual feedback function will allow beginners to develop their learning through the visual representation of the notes played. Whether it’s a demo project or a song downloaded from an Artist Pack, this very useful feature will help users practice even better.

In addition, while the current version of the Joué Play application is limited to the creation of simple musical loops, version 2.0 will allow the creation of a more complete song by assembling several loops.

Always more fun and creativity with Rone!

To launch its new application and the Artist Packs, the French startup Joué Music Instruments has teamed up with the artist Rone. Erwan Castex (better known as Rone), who in his 12-year career has established himself as a key figure in the French electronic scene, will now offer his fans a unique experience thanks to Joué Play.

No need to spend hours watching tutorials on using complex software to start experimenting with certain melodies and playing masterpieces like “Bye Bye Macadam”. Rone’s Artist Pack will provide a new experience for the user, who will be guided to replay the artist’s songs in no time.

Version 2.0 of the Joué Play app will be available for CES Las Vegas!

Le Joué Play won a CES 2020 innovation award and was named by TIME MAGAZINE, WIRED and Techcrunch as one of the best new products at CES.

Joué Play is available from € 245 on https://www.jouemusic.com/fr.

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