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Julia Bondar announces new album, ‘Bonding’ – News


Electronic music artist, singer and songwriter born in Ukraine and based in Barcelona Julia bondar announced their fourth album, “Bonding”. It will be available on October 20 and is her first release since 2020, when she released the LP “Industrial Symphony”.

Co-founder of the brand Endorphin.es, Bondar is a strong advocate for modular synths – and, as she puts it in her Instagram bio, she does it all live.

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The fourth album consists of nine tracks – selecting and choosing elements from industrial genres, techno, electro, avant-garde pop, darkwave and more.

On the album – in an Instagram ad – Bondar described “Bonding” as a “Pandora’s box full of unexpected sounds”.

Each track, while exploring genres, is linked to its euphoric – but melancholy – timbre, giving the album a perceptible guideline.

The opening, “Ruby Red”, is a punchy techno track that illustrates Bondar’s enthusiasm for modular programming, followed by two equally energetic tracks, “Pleasure & Pain” and “Flamboyant”.

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This album follows on from the teasers Bondar has released over the past two weeks – she has just released the track ‘La Neige Et Ses Messes Noires’ in collaboration with the French electro duo Maman Küsters, which will also be featured on the new album.

‘Bonding’ is scheduled for release on October 20, available digitally and on vinyl.

List of vinyls:

A1. ruby red

A2. Pain and pleasure

A3. Flamboyant

A4. Snow And Its Black Masses (intro)

B1. The Snow And Its Black Masses (feat. Maman Küsters)

B2. Obey

B3. Collage

B4. Antisocial

B5. in flames

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