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Julien Vertigo unveils the impressive ‘Hope EP’

Julien Vertigo unveils the breathtaking ‘Hope EP’: Listen

Blessing the fans with each of his releases, Julian fear of heights embarked on a journey of producing the most eclectic tracks, with the main goal of allowing listeners to immerse themselves in an experience that has no other. Taking inspiration from his own surroundings, the Swiss-born DJ/producer has thrown himself fully into the sound of Melodic Techno, with his latest EP ‘Hope‘, a true representation of all that he set out to achieve as an artist within our community.

Having garnered support from some of the biggest names in the dance scene, it’s no surprise that this multifaceted artist has taken his production skills to the next level. With people like Tiesto, Eli & Fur, Øostil and Kevin de Vries few on the list who have taken a liking to this rising star, we are more than certain that even greater heights will inevitably be reached over time. Providing those contrasting elements that derive from the different moods and emotions that humans experience on a daily basis, this two-track EP consists of the perfect blend of sounds and melodies that will embark anyone on the most meaningful journey. However, in more detail, we get a glimpse of Vertigo’s thought process behind the two singles and their respective remixes that make up “Hope.”

“It all started from zero on a cloudy day in full lockdown when Julien decided to record lyrics that directly gave him strong emotions. It shows ‘Hope‘ the title track of the EP was born on a break-beat melodic touch driven by crisp synths giving an ethereal soundscape to this emotional journey. And then, when the near future was supposed to be a bit brighter, the second track ‘Fly above the ocean‘ immediately came into his mind with a more cheerful vibe with that warm bass that directly gives soul to that deep melody. Here is the little story of this EP ‘Hope’ and as Julien always says, music is based on mood, emotions and everything around you and this EP is the perfect result of these sayings. The EP also includes 2 brilliant remixes from talented artists AlexC and Jares.”

A truly unique EP in every way, Vertigo once again showed their passion not just for music, but for life as well, with the melodies of each track telling a story of their own. Allowing for a more natural element while experimenting with different techno beats and sounds has helped pave the way for this up-and-coming artist, as his attention to detail can only enhance his presence as an artist to watch on the electronic dance scene. As fascinating as the next production is, we’ll most certainly be keeping a close eye out for future releases from Julien Vertigo, but in the meantime the ‘Hope’ EP has been released via mirror walk and can be viewed below, with streaming also available on all platforms here. Enjoy!

Image credit: Julien Vertigo (Press)