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Kaskade Announces New Destination Music Festival in Cancun, Sun Soaked – EDM.com

A brand new destination festival born from the spirit of Kaskade could become the ultimate getaway for dance music lovers.

Scheduled for December 16-18, 2022, the first-ever Sun Soaked event will take place at the all-inclusive Paradisus and Fiesta Americana resorts in Cancun, home of the Sun Destination Festivals hosted by Excision (Paradise Blue) and ILLENIUM (Ember Shores). Kaskade has partnered with the promoters of these events, Festication, to organize Sun Soaked, the third in a series of artist-run destination festivals.

According to the iconic ice fire producer, he wants to break the mold of the seedy landscape of today’s festivals.

“Sun Soaked has become a unicorn in an oversaturated festival world. A perfect trinity of sun, water + sand,” Kaskade said in a press release. “When we add music, everyone has a day where they’re high. Most people feel at least 3 times better than normal (*not a scientific fact but most likely true). I’m so excited to “Bringing Sun Soaked to such a special place in Cancun, Mexico. The chance to stretch it and see where we can take that vibe is something that’s going to be amazing.”

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Sun Soaked also offers a host of complimentary experiences, such as scuba diving excursions, catamaran expeditions, tours of the ancient ruins of Tulum, and tours of Mexico’s famous cenotes.

Packages start at $994 per person and include a three-night stay at either hotel, plus all-inclusive meals and beverages, transportation to and from hotels, and access to all shows throughout the weekend.

You can register for the Sun Soaked presale here.


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