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Kenyan DJ Coco Em Becomes Apple’s Latest Isgubhu Cover Artist

Coco Em has also created an exclusive Isgubhu playlist that showcases the talent of African electronic artists.

Apple Music today announced Kenyan DJ, producer and label owner, Coco Em, real name Emma Mbeke Nzioka, as its latest Isgubhu cover artist.

As the cover star of the playlist, Coco Em has also curated an exclusive Isgubhu playlist that showcases the wide range of electronic talent that Africa has to offer.

This includes many tracks leading the African electronic dance scene which she says is constantly changing and evolving.

“The African dance and electronic scene is always on the move and constantly evolving. In my own city of Nairobi, music and cultural education options have been boosted by organizations that offer electronic music education programs and push for the exploration of culture and alternative expression on the stage. . The end product is an unpredictable and thrilling mix of sounds. I believe that for a scene to thrive, honest and raw artist expression must be encouraged, framed and supported,” she told Apple Music.

Speaking specifically about the playlist, Coco says she epitomizes the energy, excitement, and jitters of the post-COVID music scene.

“I always love the journey of exploring and curating a good playlist. It’s a direct reflection of how I present my ideas at the heart of my DJ sets. This one in particular for Isgubhu d ‘Apple Music encompasses the energy, expectations, excitement and nervousness of a post-Covid musical journey as well as the frustration of the unpredictability of our world.

Coco Em’s first EP Kilumi (2022), independently released, is also available to stream on Apple Music. The album was created during confinement, pays tribute to the different types of music that made it live during this period. As a result, the EP is a dynamic collection and a reflection of the most exciting vibes and grooves hitting dance floors across Africa right now.