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Leverton Fox – In the twinkle

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In the twinkle is the eighth studio album by Leverton Fox. It presents experimental electronic music on the fringes of jazz, but which has the creativity and variety that one associates with the best contemporary jazz. The music is full of subtle changes as it develops over the album’s approximately 47 minutes, and it’s music to be listened to in a relaxed context throughout with no distractions.

The music was recorded in a wooded setting in West Sussex and used sounds and objects found in that setting. Trees have been used as percussion instruments and there are notes of birdsong and even an occasional moo sound on the Cattle interlude Track. The instruments used were analog synths, drum machines, percussion, trumpet and effects and these combine to produce an absorbing range of sounds and grooves, from the sweet ambient sound of wind to Cracked Fern, with a more upbeat deep synth sound that keeps coming back LIDAR greets UFOs. The trio mainly use electronic instruments and effects, but there are some incredibly beautiful contributions from Alex Bonney’s trumpet, notably on Time travel of Tågarp.

The recording was made using a multi-speaker surround sound system and will be output in Dolby Atmos format as well as conventional stereo

Leverton Fox is Alex Bonney, electronics/pocket trumpet; Tim Giles, electronics / percussion, Isambard Khroustaliov, (aka Sam Britton), electronics.

CONNECTIONS: In the Flicker is available for pre-order on Bandcamprelease date october 21. limited edition cd

Album launch: Wednesday 19th October at Iklektik, Southwark, London with the music mixed live in a surround sound system. Details

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