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Local music artist to perform at multiple music festivals – The Morning Sun


A local musical artist will perform at different music festivals in 2021.

The artist is Dylan Hunter, or Dÿlan, is from the Mt. Pleasant area and will be educated at the Academy of the Sacred Heart.

Dylan. Photo provided by John Hunter.

Dÿlan makes electronic dance music that includes future styles of bass, trap and dubstep.

“Dÿlan has always loved music from a young age,” said John Hunter, Dÿlan’s father. “He has danced with Professor Ricky ‘Bird’ Clarkson since the age of 8 and got involved as a DJ at 9 with a silent nightclub at the Breakaway Music Festival in Grand Rapids. He got his first DJ kit for Christmas and he’s been hooked ever since.

In 2020, during the pandemic, Dÿlan started producing music and has several tracks coming out soon in early fall 2021. His new hit single “Down Tonight” will soon be available on streaming platforms.

“Dÿlan’s passion for DJing and production so far has been an incredible experience,” said Hunter. “Being part of such a tight-knit community and learning from so many other artists has been a rewarding experience. Dÿlan collaborates with other producers and has learned to work with a singer to create his music. It was a mad rush that hopefully has only just begun.

Dÿlan recently rebranded himself from artist formerly known as DJ Dill Pickle before changing his stage name.

“During the pandemic, it became clear that now was a good and natural time to take the next step and move from being a DJ to being a music producer,” said Hunter. “He was a DJ for over 3 years as DJ Dill Pickle and performed shows all over the Midwest, including a spot on the main stage at the Milwaukee Summerfest in front of thousands of people. It hosts DJ festivals, arenas, baseball parks, lively gatherings, fundraisers and many other functions. He opened up to some for the greatest acts in the world.

The young artist hopes to turn his passion for music into a career in some capacity.

Dÿlan will be performing on the main stage at the Breakaway Music Festival in Grand Rapids on Saturday August 28 at 3:30 pm He will be performing at the Confluence 2021 Music Showcase at the Confluence Festival in Grand Rapids on September 25th.

“Dÿlan got an offer from the talent scout for the festival who was really interested in having a young producer on a freshman festival like this,” Hunter said. “Confluence’s programming includes national and local musicians who merge art, music and technology to create a powerful and diverse live experience.”

For more information, visit Dÿlan’s Facebook page or visit soundcloud.com/dylanhuntermusic.


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