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Louis Futon announces his second album with the new single “Ron Burgundy” [Video]


Artist and Producer Louis Futon returns with his second album which combines elements of hip-hop, funk and soul. By flexing his creamy signature electronic production, Louis Futon takes the opportunity to use his second album as a demonstration of his eclectic and experimental nature. The first single from Couchsurfing comes in the form of the catchy tune “Ron Burgundy” – an infectious instrumental flute line inspired by its cinematic namesake, the track is dripping with funky sensations and intoxicating grooves.

As lead single “Ron Burgundy” sets the tone, starting with a funky drum beat that slides into seductive guitar licks before descending into a full-fledged groove. Featuring talented collaborators such as Armani White, quick quick, Lavance Collie, Bad Snacks and Rob araujo, the next album is an eclectic journey that maintains cohesion thanks to Louis Futon’s penchant for experimental production.

Originally a Philadelphia bedroom producer, Louis Futon has made a name for himself as an established artist / producer as well as a talented live artist. Known for his weaves of hip-hop, R&B and soul styles into his fresh-sounding works, the now Los Angeles-based artist has a number of impressive collaborations to his credit, including DUCKWRTH, Ashe, Reo Cragun and more.

With performances in various music festivals including Coachella, Made in America, and Ultra Music Festival, Louis Futon is ready to take on the festival season with a performance coming up on October 2 at Denver to High Ground.

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