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LTHS homecoming ball postponed after guns found in car


On October 4, Western Springs Police announced that they had charged two men with criminal weapons offenses after two handguns were found inside their vehicle, which was parked in the north corner. West of Lyons Township High School South Campus parking lot, 4900 S. Willow Springs Road shortly after the October 2 return football game at Bennett Field between LTHS and Proviso West.

Each of the 19-year-old men, Demitrus R. Ross, of Harvey, and Donny J. Starkes, of Blue Island, have been charged with aggravated illegal use of a weapon / possession of a firearm on the grounds of the ‘school.

The police did not explain why the men were present at the football match, except to say that neither was a student at the lycée in the canton of Lyon.

The two appeared before Cook County Judge David Navarro, who set their bond at $ 10,000 in cash or 10% with electronic monitoring on Oct. 3 during weekend bail court in Chicago. The Cook County Jail website reported that Starkes remains in custody pending an Oct. 5 hearing at the Bridgeview courthouse.

The October 2 arrests, just hours before the school’s graduation party at the South Campus, prompted school officials to cancel the prom, saying they were working to postpone the event for a while. some time over the next few weeks. As of October 4, no date had been set.

Police first responded to the south campus after receiving a report of a fight at around 4:10 p.m. An anonymous caller also called 911 to report that two people on the south campus may have been armed with guns. fist.

This caller gave the police physical descriptions of the suspects and a description of their vehicle. Police at the scene identified two suspects attempting to enter a black Chrysler 200M and arrested them.

While neither man was armed, a police officer observed two handguns prominently inside the Chrysler. An initial report of the incident on the day of the return game indicated that the guns were found under the driver and front passenger seats. Police reported recovering a Glock 9mm handgun with a 30 round extended magazine and a 9mm Glock handgun with a 29 round extended magazine.

Western Springs called the Western Suburbs Major Case Assistant (MCAT) team, prompting a significant response from police from surrounding suburbs, including Riverside and Brookfield.

Police cordoned off the area and organized a thorough search to ensure no further firearms were found. Officers, who remained there for several hours, did not say they found any other weapons.

Western Springs Police also said in a press release that “the visible police presence will be increased over the next week at Lyons Township High School.”

Neither Western Springs Police Chief Brian Budds nor LTHS District 204 Superintendent Brian Waterman responded to phone messages asking for further information left by the Landmark.

A letter to LTHS families on the school’s website praised the police investigation and also offered resources for students seeking emotional support.

“LT counselors and social workers are available for students who need help, and resources have been shared with staff on how to recognize students who may be struggling and how to continue to support our students and each other, ”the letter says.

Lyons Township High School serves the southern half of Brookfield.


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