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Macka & Lowree give us the details of their debut album

After releasing their debut album, house duo Macka & Lowree came to chat about their production styles, the Scottish dance scene and more!

It’s obvious that the dynamic Glasgow-based house duo, Macka and Lowree are a delightful formula when they combine forces for a glorious vision of reinventing old school classic club music. Since the release of their first collaborative album, the Mood 4 Love PE, in 2021, the duo have continued to impress fans around the world with their flawless releases. This time they return once again with an expanded project on New recordings to release their latest 12-track album, Without the music (I don’t know where I would dance).

Across the dozen remarkable new tracks on this carefully crafted disc, Macka & Lowree go beyond genre boundaries with diverse house cuts infused with nostalgic samples and disco-infused sounds. Crisps, percussive snaps inside”Chorin’ Love” and “That’s it” to complex battery programming, energy propelling bangers like “Nothing else” and “Numb 2nite“, the collection of tracks represents the duo’s intentions to offer the world a titillating dancefloor record with a tinge of ’90s-inspired club memorabilia.

Exuding determination and excitement to collaborate again as close friends and fellow producers, the duo continue to soar into a league of their own, each of them currently holding monthly residencies in Glasgow. The Cheetah Club and have been a staple of the local electronic scene. As they prepare for a busy second half of the year, we caught up with the duo to discuss their creative growth throughout the production of this album, musical influences and the growing number of top clubs in their hometown. .

Discover Macka & Lowree’s latest project, Without the music (I don’t know where I would dance) on your favorite platform, and read on for the full conversation with this up-and-coming house duo!

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Hi Macka and Lowree! Thanks for the cat! We would like to dive into your roots and your approach to music production in this interview. First of all, going back a bit in time, how did you two meet and start working together on this new project?

We’ve been inseparable as friends and artists since we were 17, so this project is our latest project rather than a one-off. The Macka & Lowree projects aren’t stopping anytime soon. The chemistry we had together from the start is something you don’t come across very often and we’ll probably look to use it forever.

What were your musical influences at the start of your career? How did that inspire your production style?

Overall, some notable inspirations we’ve shared since beginning to create music together are Kerri Chandler and Denis Sulta.

What IWhat is your approach to production when it comes to working in the studio? How do you manage both the creative style and the storytelling when it comes to working on processes such as melody, lyrics and instruments?

We try to bring a new approach every time we work on something. During the process of the album, we used some newly discovered techniques that we will definitely continue to use when we return to the studio. We are always changing who does what and who supports and eventually we end up entering a state of natural flow. During the album writing/jamming process, we also used newer gear that we hadn’t used before, such as the Roland TR-6S, new stompboxes, and the Ableton Push.

Jump to your latest album Without the music (where would I dance), even the title aptly captures the theme of the entire record, paying homage to the classic sound and fueling the passion for dance music! But we would like to know what was the key message you hope to convey to listeners through this album?

We think the key messages or ideas that we’ve been trying to get across are that the normality of having fun on a dance floor is coming back after the tough times we’ve been through for the past few years. The tracks give off that great energy that we remember having in a club before the hard times started.

There are energetic house cuts and darker, electro and raved vibes in the 12 tracks of this album, which is really impressive! With the wide range of intricate sampling and production style, can you share any memorable experiences or encounters while working on this project?

Thanks a lot. [Laughs] Yeah, there’s one memorable moment in particular that we both cherish. When we were out in Glasgow to film and have a few drinks at a local bar, we went back to our studio afterwards and started jamming on machines and slowly putting together a random piece without planning it at all. The two of us pretty much made this track for an hour or two while our friends were chilling with us and it ended up becoming the first single from the album “Bring The Beat Back”.

Coming from Glasgow, you were both passionate advocates of 90s club culture. What is the dance music scene like there and what are some of your favorite local clubs?

The dance music scene in Glasgow is unrivaled in many people’s opinion due to the huge variety of sub-scenes and amazing clubs it has to offer. We both had the chance to play in the best of the best such as Sub Club, The Cheetah and Berkeley Suite, for which we are very grateful.

Finally, what’s on the horizon for Macka & Lowree in the next half of 2022? Can we expect concerts or tour dates?

Currently, we just played the first two shows incorporating our new hybrid live setup with album collaborator Sonedo. For the next half of the year we have part two of our album release party in Edinburgh on July 2 and more dates to come, which you can find via our Instagrams @macka.__ and @l_o_w_r_e_e – and some other news about a limited edition album-related t-shirt with a local clothing brand will also be coming!

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