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Magnetic Old School Music Store Open – Rare Tracks On Vinyl, CD & Cassette Curated By Magnetic Publishers


If you haven’t joined our wallet family yet, then it’s time you jump in because we’re launching some great benefits and we’ve launched our new music store with rare vinyls, sold out CD mixes and even the occasional rave mixtape of yesteryear available only to coin holders.

What’s wrong with the $ MMAG?

1. You obtain Exclusive content – we will work with our artist friends and label partners to give you early access to promotional tracks, so you can have a group of tracks organized before any other DJ. We’ll also be releasing exclusive monthly mixes for you, non-DJs, that will have unreleased tracks – House, Progressive, Tech House and beyond. Always fresh and only for coin holders.

Visit https://rally.io/creator/MMAG/ to get your part back, watch the video to learn how to use it on our Discord MagneticMag server # 3380.

Join our Discord server with this invite link https://discord.gg/wscJQbumfj please share it with your like-minded friends, family and colleagues. If you love electronic music, are a DJ / producer, or just a nightlife / festival freak then this is the place for you.

2. The New Magnetic Rarity Record Store – We have been collecting vinyls, CDs and mixing tapes for over two decades and now offer a curated part of the collection exclusively to our Rally coin holders. Just check out our campaigns section on https://rally.io/creator/MMAG/ or check this page for current announcements.

Currently available on our Rally page:

Nike promo – Kanye West, NAS, KRS One & Rakim – “Better Than I’ve Ever Been” (2 copies) / Format 12 “Vinyl

In 2007, NIKE released a promo track with Kanye West, NAS, KRS One and Rakim titled “Better Than I’ve Ever Been”. It’s rare, it’s drugs and we have two copies up for grabs. All you have to do is grab our $ MMAG Rally.io coin and head into the campaign. HERE

A1 – Better than I have ever been

A2- Better than I’ve ever been (Instrumental)

A3 – Better than I’ve ever been (Acapella)

B1 – Better than I have ever been (DJ Premier Remix)

B2 – Better Than I’ve Ever Been (DJ Premier Remix Instrumental)

Screenshot 2021-12-07 at 4.41.32 PM

Hollertronix # 3 (Diplo and low budget) 12 “vinyl

Before there was “Diplo” as we know it today, there was Hollertronix. Diplo and Low Budget dominated the mashup scene in the early ’00s with epic 2×4 sets and even more epic mashup bootlegs. Hollertronix # 3 is one of our favorites because it features sick mixes of Kanye’s “Golddigger” and some of Diplo’s early ventures into Brazilian street music. All in all, it’s bang after bang and there will always be a rocking floor. Having it on vinyl, so much the better. You understand HERE

1. Golddigger (Diplo Mix) 3:03

2. Golddigger (Tug Edit) 4:03

3. Can I have it like this? (DJ Gold Face Crazy Frog Remix) 2:58

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4. Stay Fly (Mad Decent Remix) 5:44

5. I’m with the girls (DJ ABCDEFG Remix) 2:45

6. Don’t You Wish You Had A Caparihna (Grizzly Bounce / Chapaquente / Mad Decent Mix)


Ananda Project – Release – Album / Double Vinyl

If you love house music then this one is a must with its soulful cuts and amazing production work from Wamdue Project aka Chris Brann as his aka Ananda Project. From start to finish this is one of the greatest albums of the genre and features one of our all time favorite tracks, “Cascades of Color” which can always rock any dance floor. deep house. Vinyl is DJ friendly but also great for just throwing over the old HiFi system to let that warm analog soul free. It’s a gem among gems and a fantastic addition to any deep house collection. You understand HERE

A1 – In

A2 – Decomposition

A3 – Fall in love with you

B1 – Cascades of colors

B2 – Tone therapy

C1 – Develop your mind (Ananda Extended Mix)

C2 – Glory Glory

D1 – Straight Music (Wamdue Experience Mix)

D2 – Release

D3 – Exit

Screen capture 12/7/2021 at 4:46:38 p.m.

Tyrant Mix 2CD – Craig Richards and Lee Burridge

The early ’00s sounds and late’ 90s tracks were brilliant in many ways and Lee Burridge and Craig Richards captured it perfectly on this 2CD mix released in 2000. Filled with heady house tracks, nuskool breaks, stuff. progressive all perfectly mixed to give you a sample of what the dance floor was like at the time. Catchy, spaced, sour, at times a little dark – we are missing the days of well-organized and neatly packaged CD mixes. This one is a treasure. You understand HERE

MORE TO COME | WEEKLY REFRESH With new cuts / blends.