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Marc Straight Delivers Yuki’s Superb “Empathy”


Traveling through his neighbor Ephemeral beauty LP, Pennsylvania-based multi-hyphenator Marc Law unveils its new offer “Empathy”Pi. Yuki. A touching feat of wonder, “Empathy” is now available worldwide.

Like Marc Straight, “Empathy” is moving, characterized by its bewitching melodic style. Combining his talent for producing video game soundtracks with his love for otherworldly sounds, his latest release is meteorically fascinating. “Empathy” is fleeting in nature, telling the familiar trope of longing for love, no matter what the grueling expectation. Starring the intoxicating voice of singer Yuki, “Empathy” features angelic voices in English and Japanese. Rousing productions mixing melodic dubstep and glittering synth motifs carry the song, while Yuki’s melancholy harmonies leave listeners in a trance.

“Empathy is about the feelings you get when someone you love leaves your life. The vacancy at the table, the phone contact that you can’t delete, the songs that contain something special. I wanted to do something that sounds like winter because as the world seems to be dying all around you, that heartbreak can turn into something beautiful.Marc Right

Spread “Empathy” on your favorite platform here, or find it below on Spotify.


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