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Meet Don Peyote, the genre-bending bass maestro

Don Peyote stopped by to discuss the creative process behind his recent singles, playing BUKU, and what’s next for the project.

New Orleans-based DJ and producer Don Peyote brings unique versatility to bass music and beyond. Defying the constraints of a genre, he continually pushes the boundaries, creating a plethora of multi-genre hybrid tracks to transport listeners to another world. Came into the limelight after his collaborative track with BuckTen was featured on Headbang Societyhe set things in motion with no turning back.

This year, Don Peyote continued to ride the wave of his releases while gaining recognition for his energetic and punchy sounds, including what was found on his 13-track self-titled album released last year and a performance b2b to BUKU who saw him dazed. He’s slowly created an arsenal of a catalog to unleash on listeners, and now he’s ready to add more fuel to the fire.

Don Peyote’s recent tracks, “Kizuki” and “DoTSturned the heads of those who came to love his hybrid dubstep and hardwave sound. With endless possibilities ahead of him, we caught up with this rising artist to get a glimpse of what other manic creations he’s set to reveal in the future. Listen to his exclusive guest mix and read on for the full conversation!

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Hi Don Peyote! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us – we’re excited to share more about your project. To kick off this one, we’d like to know a bit more about your story. When did you discover a passion for dance music and what led you to become a producer?

Hello everyone! Nice to do this interview with you, and thank you for your time! I’ve had a passion for dance/electronics, all since I was a teenager, probably nine years old. My family was very influential to me musically, so they always showed me the “cool” new dance songs back then that ended up becoming the “Rave Classics” of our time, if you will. I was also no stranger to composing my own music, as I had a background in a symphony orchestra playing different instruments. I always knew I wanted to be a DJ and produce and just exist in the electronic world, because there was a certain mysticism that resonated deep within me.

Your sound is quite versatile, with a wide range in your voluminous catalog. What do you think is your favorite genre to produce and how do you get into a creative mindset?

Bass Music is my favorite right now, i.e. Wave, Halftime, Dubstep, Deep Dub’ and DnB. Anything that feels good to me that I’m sure fans or new listeners will resonate with is what I consider my “favorite”. [Laughs] Just good music. My creative mindset is really just the inspiration I get from the works of other hard-working people. It flows from top to bottom, you know? I also try to take care of myself and min/max my workflow so my creative juices never run out. The body is a temple, as they say.

One of your recent tracks, “DoTS”, landed on The Electric Movement’s Transfusion compilation. Can you tell us a bit more about the production process of this version?

Absolutely! This track is more in the “Dubstep” lineup, and I just took all the heavy, fun, bouncy, and sound design tracks I took inspiration from. In this case, probably Kai Wachi, Zomboy, MUST DIE!, Brondo, etc. The TEMCO team are friends of mine here in New Orleans, and given the current climate of not only our crop but the city in general, we need more growers and curators to spread the word and invoke passion among fans, new and old. They are like family to me and their vision is strong!

“Kizuki” is another gem you’ve released and is complex to the core with multiple layers that make it a hybrid track. How did that creative process come together for this one?

Kizuki, above all, was inspired by the recent season of “Demon Slayer”. [Laughs] I’m just a big fan of well-produced art. But this track is from three different Ableton project files of different genres that I merged into one, which was quite difficult to do. Glad it worked and was well received!

This year you performed at Buku in a b2b set and at the Festival Fête Du VOID. How were those experiences? Were there any memorable moments?

Both festivals were wonderful! Fête Du VOID was an intimate setting, which can be scary when you’re introducing yourself to an audience that might not be as familiar with your music, brand, etc. These sets really teach you a lot about your sound, I think. On the other hand, BUKU Music + Art Project (my hometown festival), Bassik, Winter Circle Productions, the AEG team and the production overwhelmingly supported the Don Peyote project, which is good to hear after doing this for so long! It was my first festival performance, after all. Kudos to my buddy Weston “BuckTen” Rachal for being my number one supporter after all these years (at least a decade) and being up there with me.

Coming from New Orleans, you must see quite a vibrant nightlife. What is the scene like in your hometown? How has this influenced or affected you as an artist?

Oh absolutely. It’s a melting pot, that’s for sure. There is influence from all sectors every day of the week, which can feel overwhelming in a good way. It is, however, a staple of our culture and shows how important music and art are to society. We need it, and it helps us understand things about ourselves that normal words can’t communicate. It shaped me to be a multifaceted artist, producer, DJ and businessman. I take it with me every day when I do my job.

What is your favorite local place that you would recommend to someone who has never been to NOLA? Where would you take us for a night out on the town?

This is a very difficult question because there are many. If I was the curator of EDM Identity’s NOLA party (it should actually happen for your information), I’d guarantee there would be some kind of electronic/bass show at ‘Republic NOLA’ to begin with. This place is like my home base, and I’ve been going there longer than I probably should. [Laughs] Their team has shown me a lot of support over the years. For the afternoons, we had chosen “The Rabbit Hole”, which is a newer place that organizes the culture in the best possible way. Kudos to Nile Ashton and the good work he is doing there!

Finally, what can fans expect from Don Peyote? Any releases or big shows we can expect?

The guest mix I do with EDM Identity! Everyone should check it out, as it includes some, but not all, of my recent unreleased music, as well as my best edits and recent originals! It perfectly sums up what my sets have been like lately. Take it as a bass/electronic music lesson with Don Peyote. Go smack that on you speakaz!

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