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Meet the revolutionary Earbud Company xFyro – Film Daily


Who doesn’t love a good pair of headphones? The quality of the headphones can make all the difference when listening to your favorite music, but most high-quality headphones cost a fortune. One company is working to change that by incorporating the latest technology into its products to create a revolutionary listening experience accessible to the average consumer.

xFyro is a small but powerful company that is changing the world of audio. Come find out what the company is doing and what’s so amazing about their new AI-powered headphones.

Tell us about the origins of xFyro. How did the business get started?

Our founders are engineers and musicians who came together in 2016 to serve all music lovers by offering top quality audio products at reasonable prices. No frills or gimmicks, just great technology and sound.

What is your mission as a company?

As a company, we only serve one mission: to combine cutting-edge audio technology with style and quality and bring it to the world at an affordable price.

You have offices in New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. What impact does working in all of these places have on your products?

The impact of offices in New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong is that all of these cities are thriving metropolises with incredible culture, talent and personality. Each city is unique and brings something special to the xFyro brand and its products. Our presence in Los Angeles allows us to bring in world-class musicians and audio talent to create products that sound great. While New York allows us to be in touch with the latest trends in fashion, design and helps us create beautiful products. Finally, our base in Hong Kong allows us to be well connected to the global consumer electronics manufacturing hub, China, so that we can create high quality products at an affordable price.

Why did xFyro choose to focus on headphones over other forms of audio equipment?

xFyro focuses on headphones because it was one of the pioneers in terms of wireless headphones. In 2016, xFyro launched its first wireless earbud even before Apple launched the AirPods!

Are your staff mainly engineers or musicians?

Our staff is mainly composed of engineers

What types of music inspire the design of your headphones?

Given our connection to New York and Los Angeles, we take inspiration from American pop culture and our headphones are best suited for American pop music, including hip hop, R&B, and electronic music.

Your latest product, the xFyro ANC headphones, uses AI powered noise cancellation. How would you describe the difference between your technology and traditional noise cancellation to a layman?

Yes! The AI-powered technology allows us to activate a safety feature in the headset that still allows the user to hear certain sounds, such as a fire alarm or a car coming towards them. Our algorithms are able to detect and transmit these sounds even with the ANC enabled, for user safety.

What other new features are present in the ANC headphones?

Another main feature is the transparency mode which allows the user to keep their headphones on while talking to someone else! This mode will automatically amplify human voices.

Why is it important that headphones are water resistant?

We made them waterproof because it would be a shame if one of our customers damaged their headphones when they are caught in the rain one day. We also wanted to allow our customers the maximum flexibility to use the headphones whenever they want, whether in the shower or running in the rain.

Another technical question: how would you describe burn-in to someone who is new to the world of audiophiles?

The best analogy for helmet burn-in is to “break” the shoes. When you buy a new pair of shoes, they may not be comfortable. In fact, they could be painful! But after a few days of wearing them, they will probably become more and more comfortable. The same goes for high-end audio products like xFyro headphones. These headphones may need to be played for tens of hours before they are able to reach their optimum level of audio quality.

Are there any headphones that are better suited for certain types of music or audio?

Yes, some headphones are optimized for certain types of music or audio! For example, Bass heavy headphones might be best suited for those who like

Electronic dance music or Hip Hop.

How do you keep high-tech headphones affordable for the average consumer?

We minimize our marketing expenses! Big brands spend a ton on marketing and they add all of those costs to their price. We prefer to minimize marketing and pass these savings on to our customers so that we can grow through word of mouth keeping our prices as affordable as possible!

You are competing in a crowded space with big companies like Apple. How to stay competitive as a company?

We rely on our community, the quality of our products and our lower prices to compete with the giant brands that spend tons on marketing!

What do most people misunderstand about headphones and audio quality?

Most people don’t realize how important it is to get a perfect seal when placing their headphones in their ears. This causes various issues including audio leakage and lower audio quality, as well as poorer isolation and noise cancellation.

With that in mind, how can people get the most out of their xFyro ANC headphones?

It is very important to test the different sizes of ear tips that come with the xFyro ANC earphone in order to choose the right size which can form a perfect seal in your ears.

Can we ever expect to see in-ear headphones or full-size speakers from xFyro?

Yes, these products are under development and we hope they will be launched in the next few years! As a small business, our product development timelines are much longer than some of the larger companies.

When people finally have their headphones on, what’s the first thing they should listen to?

Everyone has different musical tastes. We think they should just listen to their favorite songs or whatever will make them happy that day!

What can you tell us about the future of xFyro?

xFyro will continue to operate as an independent brand that creates high quality audio products at affordable prices for its community!


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