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Michael C Hall’s band talk about Celtic, Cathkin Braes and Mother India ahead of Glasgow concert


DEXTER star Michael C Hall comes to Glasgow this week as his band embark on their very first tour.

Lead singer Hall is best known for playing famous blood spatter analyst / serial killer Dexter Morgan. Mono while playing with Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum.

The group, which is the project of actor and singer Hall, keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen and drummer Peter Yanowitz, arrive in the city as part of a series of intimate performances.

The trio, who released their debut album Thanks for Coming earlier this year, met during the production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch in 2014.

Eschewing traditional rock instrumentation for a stripped-down synthesizer and drums attack, the band’s music draws inspiration from David Bowie, 70s productions by Giorgio Moroder for Donna Summer, new wave dance music from the 80s and contemporary electronic dance acts like Justice.

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So, as they all prepare to cross the pond, are the group eager to come to Glasgow?

Katz-Bohen, who has toured and recorded with Blondie for the past decade, said: “I’ve been to Scotland a bunch, I’ve been to Glasgow a bunch, and I still love that, it’s the one of my favorite places in the world to play.

“I think the audience is generally off the charts, so much fun, especially when it’s outside and it’s raining heavily and it’s just amazing.

“I love the vibe of the city, it’s just super cool and good Indian food too.”

Yanowitz, who started his career playing in The Wallflowers before co-founding Morningwood, agrees, “Oh yeah, Mother India, come on, I love this.

“I agree, Glasgow is amazing.

“I’ve been there, played there and just visited there, and there’s the amazing Cathkin Braes, this place is totally rad.

“Beautiful people and beautiful music fans.

“I love Scotland so I can’t wait to kiss you all.”

Although Hall had never been to Glasgow before, he said he was “absolutely” delighted to be visiting the city and performing for a Scottish audience.

Glasgow Timetables:

And while here, it’s not just Indian food that the group looks forward to.

“All the food is so good, I love to put whiskey on my oats in the morning, I love this custom, and vegan haggis is absolutely on the menu,” Katz-Bohen says.

Yanowitz, who said he was a huge Celtic fan, adds: “I also want to yell at The Dirty Duchess, my friend’s pub, we’ll probably be there for a pint after the show.”

The tour will be the first time Scottish fans have the chance to hear the band perform live.

Nearly half of the songs on the group’s debut album, released in February, were written and recorded in New York City after it was locked down due to the pandemic, with the group sharing ideas and putting them together from a distance.

While they didn’t consciously avoid writing a “pandemic album,” they said they naturally turned to writing other things as well.

Hall says, “The pandemic was part of the water we were swimming in, so everything we wrote musically, lyrically, was to some extent informed by it all, but I don’t think we were trying to tell a story. explicitly explicit pandemic or whatever. .

“The pandemic was strange and terrible, but it’s not like the world wasn’t strange and terrible before that.”

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While Katz-Bohen and Yanowitz have toured extensively in the past, the group is feeling “all the emotions” as they prepare to tour together for the first time.

Hall says, “We’ve played maybe 20 gigs since we formed a band, all here in New York, so we’re thrilled to play in venues full of strangers in fantastic locations, and I think we still have felt our music might suit a UK audience well, so we’ll find out.

Katz-Bohen agrees: “I feel the same, it’s great, we’ve played a lot in New York and I’ve toured a lot in Europe so I can’t wait to do that with this band.

“It’s going to be a whole new experience, and I think we’ll see people we know in all of these cities.

“It’s going to be great too, just catching up with people we haven’t seen in years because of life.”

So what does the band say fans can expect at the next gig?

“Love”, “transcendence” and “the unexpected”.

“I don’t want to pre-relegate anyone’s experience, but I think they’re doing a little trick, maybe a big one,” Hall says.

Glasgow Timetables:

Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum will be live at Mono on Sunday December 5 at 7 p.m. ET.

Tickets can be purchased HERE.