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Mike Emilio, B3NTE and Bright Sparks Unite for Uplifting New Record “I’m Not Okay”

Mike Emilio, B3NTE and Bright Sparks join forces for uplifting new single “I’m Not Okay”: Listen

With collaborations far from uncommon in the electronic dance industry, this latest combination of musical talent has arrived at the most perfect of timings. Teaming up to create an energetic slap house/bounce track, Mike Emilio, B3NTE and bright sparks all added their own unique twist, and in turn blessed us all with the release of ‘I am not well.’ Captivating in its entirety, listeners are ready to embark on the most meaningful and engaging journeys as every musical element has been executed to perfection.

Taking the dance scene by storm, Swedish DJ/producer Mike Emilio has seen his work gain much-needed traction lately, with his hit song ‘I follow Rivers‘ leaving a lasting impact on anyone lucky enough to get their hands on it. Similarly, fellow Swedish artist B3NTE (real name Marcus Benteby) has left its own mark with each of its releases, and in turn has partnered with some of the biggest names in our community. Elevating ‘I’m Not Okay’ to a different dimension, British duo Bright Sparks are responsible for an array of successful collaborations, and most notably, added their own vocal dynamite to ‘On my way‘ featuring none other than the Dutch legend Tiesto.

Amassing millions of streams worldwide, these multi-faceted artists have this time chosen to join forces and, in turn, provide us all with a track for the ages. With their signature sound(s) evident from start to finish, “I’m Not Okay” will have anyone lifted from their seat and straight onto the nearest dance floor in no time. Implementing an array of genres in the most exciting way, it becomes more than clear that the musical chemistry is out of this world, and while the track will lift your spirits anytime, it also portrays a more melancholic feel through its lyrics, giving the production that edge that will ultimately only lead to success.

“This song has the perfect mix of genres in my opinion, radio-appropriate verses with a drop filled with energy.” – Mike Emilio

“The track is a melancholic yet uplifting dance floor, perfect for clubs and festivals.” – B3NTE

Available now via Beat Dealer Records, prepare to be attracted in the most unique way. A true gem of a production in our books, each artist has provided the track with their own effective twist, and when combined, the results are far more than ordinary. Destined for nothing but topping the charts, you can check out “I’m Not Okay” in all its glory below, with the track also available to stream on all major platforms here. Enjoy!

Image credit Mike Emilio (press), B3NTE (press)