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Miranda Joan calls on her alter ego DJ Nuni on a new single, “Dans Ma Poche”


In a steamy fusion of sounds, Canadian soul-meet-pop artist Miranda Jeanne features a fun and carefree nu-disco track on French baked goods. Best known for her diverse mix of soul and eclectic music, her latest single “Dans Ma Poche” takes a new and unique direction for the artist without missing a single beat.

An ode to French cuisine and culture, “Dans Ma Poche” is fun with family and friends while tasting delicious French pastries. What more could you ask for in life? Miranda’s contagious and uplifting disco anthem arrives just when the world needs it most and will quickly have the whole room dancing, desserts in hand. The songwriter says: “The song was born out of a joke about my French alter ego who is a DJ named NUNI. She loves to party and eat French pastry, and in this song, she basically lists the things that are in her pocket (family, friends, pastries etc.); things you want to take with them wherever they go. “

“Dans Ma Poche” features thrilling vocals over a disco-tinged melody and is carefully crafted with intelligent lyricism that will have you laughing and dancing at the same time. The song also brings back the nostalgic landscape of classic European electronic dance rhythms for an added touch. Miranda continues: “It became that electronic bop when producer J3P0 got his hands on it. great passions in my life: bakery products. This song is an ode to all lovers of croissants, pastry wrappers, dance floor grinders! May you eat well and party. ”Vibrant, catchy and daring, this track is the cream of the crop for your summer dance playlists.

Having lived in Canada and the United States, Miranda Joan skillfully blends her English and French influences to create her original sound. Inspired by great songwriters such as Stevie Wonder, Carole King, Erykah Badu and Anderson Paak, there is a rich and prolific element in all of his music. In addition to her own music, Miranda Joan has shared the stage and worked with artists such as Andy Grammar, Lorde and Shawn Mendes.

Listen to “Dans Ma Poche” by Miranda Joan and still live fully.

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