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Moby Launches New Record Label — “The Goal Is…to Make Emotional, Atmospheric, and Potentially Beautiful Music”

Legendary electronic artist Moby has launched a new label: always centered on the night.

“The goal for forever centered at night is to do something uncompromising,” the musician said. “Making emotional, atmospheric and potentially beautiful music. And what better use of this strange privilege of mine than to try to foster creative expression that has uncompromising integrity? »

According to a press release, the multi-platinum, award-winning songwriter and animal rights activist “will not be going for a billion streams on Spotify.” (Though the label is accessible through Spotify and other digital and social media platforms.) Plus, he says, there’s a constant subtext in the label’s DNA, its disdain for “our current culture , based on fear and algorithm. ”

Moby added: “There is so much fear out there. I talk to my friends who are creative and it breaks my heart because they don’t trust each other anymore. It seems that the only criterion is: “Can I sell this to a company?” Will a company pay me to make it? Will I get enough ‘shares’ and ‘likes’? “What happened to the idea that art and culture should be a contemptuous refuge from the mainstream, as opposed to this dog licking that directs dog sheltering into the mainstream? And so what I have to say to artists that I want to work with is, ‘Look. We try to do something unique, idiosyncratic and personal and the music and lyrics are self-explanatory. They can be obscure, they can be anything you want them to be.

As part of the new label launch, Moby and Aynzli Jones have released a new single, “Medusa”, which you can check out below.

Moby wants to showcase the tactile, face-to-face music culture he fell in love with decades ago.

“I fell in love with Sly & Robbie, Grace Jones, Soul, electronic records and early hip hop records, realizing that those musical traditions were so much more interesting than the music I was listening to,” he said. .

“There was something about the crate digging process when you found that rare record that hooked you, and you weren’t even thinking to share it with a billion people. The lack of ubiquity at the time always seemed precious to me. Much of the New York music that I grew to love had this kind of unconventional beauty, and I hope to pay homage and honor that idea; that music can be beautiful, melodic, but also atmospheric and sometimes stimulating.

He adds that he is dedicated to discovery.

“Part of my job, in addition to writing music, is to do whatever I have to find voices that I like,” Moby explained. “Whether it’s Spotify, Soundcloud or YouTube, just as I used to rummage through record bins, I obsessively search for unique and extraordinary talent. always centered the night is a place where an emerging and fascinating variety singers join me to make music that they might not have been able to make elsewhere.

“I love the idea of ​​creating a record company that creates music that’s not for everyone. I’d rather make and release music that’s special to ten people than ubiquitous to millions. Life is ridiculously short and random, might as well do something interesting with your time here.

Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images