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“Mater Polis”

With Susan Chen, Susanna Coffey, Lindsey Brittain Collins, Ian Decker, Emily Henretta, Farah Mohammad, Clintel Steed, Stipan Tadic, Matthew Woodward and Yuri Yuan

Miles C. Horton Jr. Gallery and Sherwood Payne Quillen Reception Gallery ’71

From expansive cityscapes to intimate public encounters, “MaterPolis” brings together 10 artists whose works explore what it means to live in a city. Drawing inspiration from traditional landscape painting, the artists use a variety of traditional and non-traditional mediums to present first-hand views of urban scenes.

Reflecting a shared interest in surface and material processes, the vibrant colors and rhythmic compositions add a sense of immediacy to the slow construction. Inhabiting architectural imagery, the artists interrogate how the built environment shapes human experiences of identity, race, history, community, isolation, and intimate otherness.

As people begin to return to shared spaces after two years of domestic distancing, “MaterPolis” ignites a sense of untold and exaggerated stories, change and continuity housed within the city’s generational lines.

The exhibitions are curated by Brian Holcombe, curator of the Moss Arts Center.

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