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Musicians Darren Rodgers and Dale Nolan touch horizons with ‘A State of Romance’


Darren Rodgers and Dale Nolan take melodic progressive house music to the next level

The entertainment and music industry has been one of those special niches that have spawned countless numbers of music artists, singers, songwriters, producers and more. Each year, audiences and listeners are fortunate enough to receive a wide variety of music from a wide range of musicians who go out of their way to engage them all. We met one of those spirited “Product of US” music duo with members Darren Rodgers from the UK and Dale Nolan, rocking the realms of music with their innate skill, talent and expertise.

Proving their prowess as an ace DJ / producer, Darren Rodgers and Dale Nolan have both soared into the musical space by giving back-to-back hits. Their distinguished work in progressive melodic house music has been recognized and appreciated by all. Darren Rodgers aka “Damon Hess” and Dale Nolan aka “Dayl” have formed a great partnership to form an emerging band called “A State Of Romance” with Damon Hess as drummer, Deano Lilley as guitarist and Wayne Lee as a bassist. Having worked with his previous band “Littlecrazy” Damon wanted to bring something different to the table, a unique and creative form of music that would absolutely stand out from the crowd, so decided to move forward in the new band of alternative rock to electronic sound.

Damon, being a complete musical artist, took first place in the UK club charts with “Found a Love” by famous artist Mila Falls. The main members of the group also toured with the Australian band “Tracer” and released an album titled “Lost Poison” as well as an EP titled “End with You”. They are all set to release their first single “Reality” which will be released on October 18, 2021.
With many exciting projects in Pipeline, “A State Of Romance” is sure to be more successful in the times to come.

Disclaimer: No Asian Age reporter was involved in the creation of this content. The group also declines all responsibility for this content.

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