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mxdwn PREMIERE: RYF mixes frozen industrial and passionate punk in new song “Normal Is Boring”


mxdwn PREMIERE: RYF mixes icy industrial and passionate punk in new song

RYF is a rising Italian punk artist, with her most recent music a dynamic combination of dance and punk music. Today we present a new song from his upcoming album Everything burns, a kind of mission statement called “Normal Is Boring”.

“Sometimes my hair is short, people think I’m male,” said RYF “Long hair, they think I’m female. It’s funny how people just look at the surface, they don’t don’t look any deeper. I like to confuse people. I have a tattoo with this line, ‘normal is boring’, because I don’t think there is anything ‘normal’.

Everything burns is the fourth album by RYF, the name under which Francesca Morello publishes music. As a queer, non-binary artist, RYF’s music addresses themes that directly appeal to an audience of the marginalized.

“Normal Is Boring” is the second song on the album, part of a powerful one-two that opens Everythign Burns. It comes just after the first single from the album “Cassandra”, which is a punch dance-punk track in the mold of Le Tigre. “Normal Is Boring” is also danceable, opening up to an industrial-accented drum and bass beat, with energetic rave-style synths bubbling beneath the surface.

The pandemic has contributed in part to electronic exploration on Everything burns, because Morello found herself using more drum machines and synthesizers and fewer guitars in her creative process. She was inspired by avant-garde bands like Moor Mother and Special Interest, adding their influence to her sound recipe.

Morello’s music addresses the many discriminatory -isms and phobias in our society – patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, racism. “Diversity is the most beautiful thing nature has given us,” said Morello. “Why should we stop it with rules that make us all normal?” wouldn’t that be boring? I think so!”

Everything burns track list

1. “Cassandra”
2. “Normal is boring”
3. “Don’t panic”
4. “Everything is on fire”
5. “Not going anywhere”
6. “My sister”
7. “Muzik”
8. “Pocket full of ashes”



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