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Nick Zigic Explores Mysteries Of Relationships And Grief With “Swaying To The End”


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The world of relationships and grief can confuse and even terrify many. But don’t worry, Nick Zigic is here to guide you through all the confusion and ambiguity with his latest single titled “Swaying To The End”. Seeking to share her own ups and downs in relationships and to offer listeners an emotional catharsis, the artist has composed an eclectic amalgamation that features diverse instrumentation, introspective lyricism, and more.

The song features carefully selected electronic synths layered over several layers of delicate percussion, tasteful touches and a smooth electric guitar. Distorted voices offer a deeply insightful lyricism. All elements of the song are painstakingly arranged and organized to provide an incredibly engaging experience for the artist’s listeners. It also means that the listener will find something new in each musical layer to marvel at with every listen.

The pervasiveness of the topic means that most listeners will resonate deeply with the song. After all, almost everyone suffered from heartache, stood up to heal, and then moved on. The lyrics capture the hopelessness and hopelessness that comes with knowing a relationship is over but continuing to cling to the shreds of a connection that long ago vanished. The attention to detail of lyricism means that while listeners may come for the groove of the masterfully crafted instrumental, they will stick around for reflection.

Combined, the song’s musicality and lyricism translate into a multi-level sonic wonder that one can dance to while meditating on the nuances of past relationship experiences.

“Swaying To The End” is the second single from an album project slated for vinyl release in the summer of 2022. The album is set to capture the disco / dance vibe of the golden age of electronic music with maestros such as Stevie Wonder and more. Each song will present a similar introspection combined with an eclectic high-quality production. The album will be titled “1975” to summarize all of the above.

Stay tuned and check them out!


Nick Zigic has been an active musician, composer, arranger and producer since the late 1970s. Over the past 25 years, Nick has created a myriad of EDM instrumental pieces, written songs for a multitude of artists and created jingles for television and radio broadcasts. In 2016, the artist released an EDM album of which two songs still feature in the Top 100 on various online charts. Recently Nick has been focusing on the Dance genre and experimenting with songwriting and singing.


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