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No (re) resolved: why this new podcast is sobering and stopping listening



Journalist James Edwards presents this new series that analyzes what prompted the FBI to re-investigate more than 100 unsolved and racially-motivated murders from the Civil Rights era, and whether finding answers today can one day make a difference. real justice to the families of the victims – a question that is never timely. , but I thought of the recent news in Canada about mass graves found in old residential schools.

Edwards does a masterful job honoring the victims, while also holding a magnifying glass for the incompetence and corruption that has led to so many of these unsolved cases; with just three episodes so far, the podcast has so far made a sobering and stopping listen.

The podcast was an official selection at the recent Tribeca Festival, which recently removed the word “film” from its title to honor its expansion into other art forms, such as podcasting.

A (re) solved debuted at the recent Tribeca Festival.


A (re) solved debuted at the recent Tribeca Festival.

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Red border

Gimlet Media’s latest fiction podcast is essential listening for fans of audio and sci-fi dramas.

Red border stars Betty Gilpin, who has a much meatier role here than her thankless turn as a wife on Amazon’s The war of tomorrow (Shine fans will recognize her as one of the beating hearts of this beloved Netflix show).

She plays Taylor Fullerton, the commander of a Mars colonization mission, who lost her crew to a mysterious epidemic three years earlier. She continued her mission on her own, but when a new crew arrives on the Red Planet, she must uncover the truth about what happened to her crew before history repeats itself.

The show is captivating and brilliantly produced – you won’t have a hard time imagining this will become a sci-fi movie or TV show five years from now. Charlie Barnett (Russian doll) and Ashley Park (Emilie in Paris) also star.

Status of flow

Do you a) have trouble concentrating, especially when working from home, or b) hate working in silence, but can’t really work while listening to music? Status of flow can provide the perfect in-between.

DJ and producer Bobby Lyte hosts this podcast (if you can call it that – it’s more simply a podcast radio show on Spotify) that features half an hour of minimal instrumental electronic music for you. help you focus. It follows the popular “Pomodoro Technique,” ​​which follows 30 minutes of music with a five-minute break from work to improve productivity.

I enjoyed the episodes I have tried so far; the music is extremely relaxing and helps me stop procrastinating by making the work a little more interesting, especially since I am often alone in my room.


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