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Now Vs Now is invading Florida this week with TWYN • MUSICFESTNEWS


Now Vs Now is invading Florida this week with TWYN

Florida is about to experience the magic that Now against now have provided in their native New York and on stages across the country. Let’s start with this in their press release:

Now against now is an exploratory team of sonic griots composed of keyboardist / producer Jason lindner (aka flymyspcshp, known for his work on David Bowie’s latest album ★[blak-stär] and Beat Music by Mark Guiliana), bassist co-founder Panagiotis Andréou (New York Gypsy All-Stars) and drummer Justin tyson (Herbie Hancock, Robert Glasper, Esperanza Spalding). They produce beat-and-bass-centric electronic music that boldly navigates through vaporwave, analog synth-pop, modern electro-R & B, and apocalyptic proto-new wave.

Florida electronica fans are already familiar with TWYN, the futuristic jazz duo from Miami. TWYN is a collaboration between Electric kifthe keyboardist of Jason Matthewsand Lemon Triothe drummer Aaron Glueckauf. We recently covered a number of their singles (and “doubles”). These two represent the booming Miami jazz-jam-electronica-prog-jamtronica scene.



22nd of July – Thursday – DUNEDIN, Florida @Dunedin Brewery

July 23 – Friday – MIAMI BEACH, FL @Space Park Miami

July 24 – Saturday – WINTER PARK, FL @The new standard

July 25 – Sunday – GAINESVILLE, FL @Heartwood sound stage


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