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Osutin Holds Nothing Back on “Let It Rip”

Arizona-based artist Osutin adds ruthless additions to techno and shatters the arsenal with his new EP, let it ripavailable now on Teethy!

Osutin is back with another absolute EP, featuring four club-ready breaks and techno tunes that prove to us that he’s always ready to light up the dance floor. Hailing from Arizona, this DJ and producer has a solid balance between classic electronic sounds and unique sounds. The latest version of Osutin, let it rip, brings a good diversity of sounds, capitalizing on its acid-etched synths in some tracks, while other tracks put more emphasis on driving percussion and its integration with rhythmic synth patterns. Since this is the third version of Osutin that lands on Teethit looks like more tech heaters are on the way!

The first track, “All Gasgets everyone off to a good start – Osutin really lets it go from the jump. The vocal sample comes out towards the start, pumping you up for the guaranteed momentum throughout the melody. Creative kick rhythms are paired with buzzing static hats to ensure your feet are moving as the synth effect packs enough melody to shake the system. Overall, this track aligns with Osutin’s own descriptions of his productions; “Body music, all gas, no brakes.

In “Break it down“, Osutin returns with immediacy, using classic four-on-the-floor drum patterns to warm up your body before launching into hammering, acid-etched synth effects that modulate throughout the melody. the energy in this one, Osutin then uses detuned synths and drum breaks to serve as a reprieve before dragging you straight back into dizzying synth schemes.

Starting with some classic stab house chords, the EP’s title track, “let it rip”, brings a more technical touch to the dancefloor. The drum pattern breaks the norm enough to give an uneven ripple, providing a swinging base to the monstrous arpeggiated synth line in the first break. Drum breaks give some room in the melody for more synth effects to run through the atmosphere, while a warm, sweeping bass lets you groove.

Don’t sleep on the last track of the EP – “Thought control” uses a mesmerizing vocal sample alongside grinding beats to capture your attention. The variability between tight rhythms, multiple layers of synth, and punchy bass make this massive tune a great ceiling for the release as a whole.

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Osutin flow – let it rip on Spotify:

Osutin – let it rip – List of tracks:

  1. let it rip
  2. All Gas
  3. Break it down
  4. Thought control

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