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Outfield Music, Food & Arts Festival 2022


Outfield Music, Food & Arts Festival 2022 – Music lineup announced!

In the hollow of Māui’s hook, something special is cultivating. Stretching from the Tuki Tuki River to the dramatic Kidnappers Cliffs, the Cape Coast is one of New Zealand’s best-kept secrets. Home to a thriving community of artists and artisans, surf and sun worshipers, the coast is lined with grapevines loaded to produce some of the region’s finest wines. It’s an eclectic place with curiosity and the potential for adventure around every corner. Venture into its hills to discover a real Eden, Te Awanga Downs, whose bucolic meadows welcome Outer Fields Festival
– a celebration of music, food, the arts and community.

Now in its third year, Outer field
evolves and becomes an experience to ignite the senses. Comes with sunny Hawke’s Bay spirit, the festival prides itself on sustainable practices, respect for the local environment and people who flock from afar.

Outer fieldthe headliner is
Young Franco, the Brisbane producer on the languages ​​of the global electronic music scene and charming his way into your hearts. Rotating heavily on streaming platforms and Australian airwaves, he has sold sold-out shows around the world, winning fans and friends everywhere he goes. Bring the crowd and set the mood with a smiling stage presence, epic jam sessions and fantastic original productions, Young Franco is one to watch.

Keep it closer to home, Outer field
presents the Dunedin group Chills, bringing original New Zealand-sounding melodic rock music to the world stage for a long time. The presence of these legendary Kiwi rock staples on the Outer field
The main stage will delight their ever-expanding fan base and followers. Led by the rare talent of Martin Phillipps and furnished with the highest standard of musicians, Chills explode with constant essential energy delivered with intensity and conviction.

Speaking of Kiwi’s upstarts,
Outer field will also showcase the dynamic hip-hop styles of JessB, whose effortless stage presence and natural measures, rhythms and flows make her loved by audiences everywhere. Since bursting onto the scene in 2017, she’s taken her initial momentum and turned it into a whirlwind, making her a force to be reckoned with at home and around the world.
Sourcing the best of the world scene, Outer field is happy to bring you Weird together, a seamless blend of organic musical discovery and collaboration. With British producer / DJ Dick ‘Magik’ Johnson at the helm, organizing and producing the group’s eclectic overall sound, Weird together will spread a smile on your face and get your body moving on the dance floor.

Other musicians from the Outer field
the range includes; Shag rock (Aus),
Sirens, Eno x Sale,
Dolphin friend, Masaya,
Ocean body, Promontory,
Witters & MC Crafty,
Half queen, Guardian singles, O & Le Mo,
Arahi, Date line,
Hurricane Emilie, Wattsson,
Tradie Techno, Aunt El,
Halps, Ruffhouse,
Levi, Skye,
Waja, Sammy W,
Fried funk, High-spinning DJ, sly, Larry Person, Snowjob, The caves, Danica bryant,
Atlantic wave and Sindee Voo.

External fields are veterans of the New Zealand music scene, with over a decade of premier international tours to their credit. Continuing their legacy of creating joy, they put their skills to use to organize a home festival experience that is uniquely in Hawke’s Bay.

Located in the nation’s fruit basket, they tap into the abundance of local producers to offer the best craft beers, wines and craft specialties, providing a feast of quality food and drink options for festival fuel. Drawing inspiration from the burgeoning local art scene, the space transforms into a playground of delight for young and old alike. With a host of attractions on its doorstep, including a world-class golf course, a vintage car museum and the largest and most accessible gannet nesting site at nearby Cape Kidnappers Gannet Colony, Outer field is not just a festival. For outsiders, this is the gateway to an idyllic summer vacation in the bay.

External fields Doors open at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday February 12, 2022.

This is a family-friendly, licensed event for all ages *.
Take your tickets from – www.outfieldfestival.co.nz

(* Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.)

Outfield Music, Food & Arts Festival – ALL AGES
Saturday 12 February 2022
35 Gordon Road, Te Awanga Downs, Hawke’s Bay

Young Franco, The Chills, JessB, Weird Together, Shag Rock, Mermaidens, Eno x Dirty, Dolphin Friendly, Masaya, Body Ocean, Headland, Witters & MC Crafty, Halfqueen, Guardian Singles, O & the Mo, Arahi, Dateline, Hurricane Emily, Wattsson, Techno Tradie, Aunty El, Halps, Ruffhouse, Levi, Skye, Waja, Sammy W, Deep Fried Funk, High Spin DJ, Sneeky, Larry Nobody, Snowjob, The Cellars, Danica Bryant, Atlantic Wave, Sindee Voo

Tickets and information: www.outfieldfestival.co.nz

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