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Oxlo Presents the Growth of an Electrifying Single, “Get Better” – EDM.com

Don’t let his age fool you.

Beginning his career in music production at the age of 12, 19-year-old Oxlo quickly began making waves in the dance music arena. He found success early on with his gripping covers of popular songs, which propelled him into the underground scenes of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. This is where Oxlo was able to develop their own unique style, with the drive to make a lasting impact on the electronic music landscape.

Now, Oxlo is back with their first song of the year, dubbed “Get Better.” Wasting no time, he kicks off the track with an ominous bass line and soaring synths, soon followed by a hypnotic voice. The topline is dark and ominous in its sound design, as a deep voice shouts, “I’m going to get better, just give me some time.” Before long, Oxlo switches gears with an electrifying house drop.

Check out “Get Better” below.

Like many, Oxlo’s passion for music was discovered in his early childhood. At a very young age, he began to play the drums with his father, a prominent figure and mentor who unfortunately died too early. He continues to use music production as an emotional outlet, pursuing his goals as a way to honor his father and cope with loss.

“Get Better” captures the unique and emotional style that Oxlo is known for, while showcasing his growth. And he has big plans this year.

“It’s a concept that has taken years to develop,” Oxlo said in a press release. “I can’t wait to show the EDM world what I’ve been working on.”

Find “Get Better” on your favorite streaming service here.


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