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Para Presents launches a brand new label with its first compilation

The team behind DC-based promoters Para Presents plans to expand their project even further with the launch of their own record label.

The Washington, D.C.-based collective known as Para present have been bringing underground bass music to their town on a regular basis for the past two years. They brought everyone from Alix Perez, Khivaand resonant tongue at His Termion, kursa, mad zachand more to play on the internal Funktion-One system at Flash Club DC. Now, the team behind Para Presents are about to embark on the next chapter of their project with the launch of their own label alongside their series of events. With their love and dedication to the underground, there is no doubt that this new footprint will allow them to bring more and more budding artists into the spotlight.

Following their official launch party last week with artists from the new label, Para Presents released their first release, a 12-track compilation to launch the new venture. Released on Halloween, the project lives up to its name paranormal sounds and features a variety of smaller artists, both based on the East Coast and beyond. Whether you like deeper dubstep, experimental styles or drums and bass, there’s something for every bass music fan in the collection.

Our label will cover all sects of electronic music, but it will always be about pushing the culture and elevating the underground. Do not distort it; stream/download our tracks and keep it locked. we have just started.

Para present

Tracks of Morphic, sniperand Summary contribute to the overall heavy dose of funk-style bass you’ll find on the first volume of paranormal sounds. Also, tunes like His Raychill‘s”Holy Cup” add some deep dubstep into the mix, while Spades and zejibo bring fresh drum and bass refreshment to “U-turn” and “4am.” Based on this incredibly comprehensive first release, we’re excited to see what else Para Presents has in store for us as they continue to elevate the Underground.

Paranormal Sounds Vol. 1 is available everywhere, so head over to Spotify to listen for yourself and be sure to let us know your thoughts on the compilation at Twitter!

Flow Paranormal Sounds Vol. 1 on Spotify:

Paranormal Sounds Vol. 1 – List of tracks:

  1. ArkZen – Chains
  2. BadKidsGoodPeople – Butterfly Knife
  3. sniper crawdad – Skeleton Goo
  4. Dizzy! – Cursed City
  5. Half TURN – Spades
  6. MASTA PLAN – Microphone check
  7. Morphic – Arcanorum
  8. Raychill Sound – Sacred Cut
  9. Shreztah & Ramblur – Breakfast Bop
  10. Sumantic – Arctor
  11. togeki and its raw – Market Street
  12. zejibo – 4am

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