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Paul Oakenfold’s new album is getting closer to launch on Cardano


Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, is working with legendary electronic dance music (EDM) DJ Paul Oakenfold to create his upcoming album titled Zombie Lobster on the Cardano blockchain. Alon Shulman, a dance music entrepreneur and CEO of Starship Universe, broke the news on September 27 at the Cardano Summit stage in Laramie, Wyoming. Apparently every element of the album, including cover art, tracks, and cover notes, will be added to Cardano.

Apparently, this deal will also see Starship Universe release thousands of music-inspired NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. Hoskinson said he understands how blockchain can better support the music industry from now on. He said finding out about the electronic music industry and how blockchain can support the industry has been an eye-opener.

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He added,

Understand how a blockchain like Cardano can benefit producers and managers like Alon Shulman, artists like Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox, organizations like Universe and labels like Awesome Soundwave and Perfecto and the scale of what they are doing to us will connect our technology to their creativity.

Thrilled by this partnership, Oakenfold said times have changed. He highlighted how platforms once were for trains, how clouds were in the sky, and how social media was places where people danced. However, technological progress has given the three words new definitions. He added that the synergy with Hoskinson makes anything that comes into their imagination possible.

Cardano becomes the must-have blockchain for the music industry

Commenting on the collaboration, Shulman, who is a multi-award-winning festival, club and live experience promoter and producer, said the connection with the founder of Cardano was revealing. Shulman added that he has realized that he agrees with Hoskinson, when it comes to the direction everyone wants their industries to take.

He further noted that integrity is the result of finding the right balance between marketability and credibility. According to Shulman, it was easy to notice that he and Hoskinson share a vision centered on inclusiveness and sustainability.

Before Oakenfold and Starship Universe, Billy Gibbons, frontman of famous rock band ZZ Top, chose to auction its NFT collection via Cardano (ADA / USD). Apparently, the auction featured digital music NFTs in an original 30-second jam session by the rock n ‘roll icon. The auctions were in fiat currency, and buyers of NFT had the option of paying in fiat currency or ADA, Cardano’s native token.

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