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Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker perform live cover of Loudon Wainwright’s “One Man Guy”


Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker perform the live cover of

This fall, indie-rock artist Phoebe Bridgers visited the United States to visit with the electronic pop group MUNA. At the Bridgers show on October 16 in Berkeley, however, the artist had a surprise guest: Julien Baker, her boygenius bandmate.

According to an article by Stereo eraser, the two critically acclaimed songwriters performed a cover of “One Man Guy” by Loudon Wainwright, as well as “Graceland Too” and “I Know the End” by Bridgers.

In a video of the live-action cover, Baker effortlessly commands the stage with his heartwarming voice and fluid guitar playing, his belts complementing Bridgers’ deeper and equally calming harmonies. And towards the end of the dynamic “I Know The End” set, the performers performed in front of thousands of screaming fans on a stage of glowing lights and explosions. After the show, Baker thanked his bandmate on Instagram and said “it’s good not always to be a One Man Guy.”

Boygenius, the band made up of Baker, Bridgers and Lucy Dacus, released their self-titled album first album in 2018 and a demo EP in 2020. Members still frequently work together on individual projects, however, and the band worked with Paramore’s Haley Williams on their 2020 song “Roses / Lotus / Violet / Iris. ”

In addition to making waves in the music industry, Bridgers has been vocal on political issues. In early October, she released a cover of “That Funny Feeling” by Bo Burnham and donate the product of several Texas Abortion Funds. Its activism is neither new nor limited; even after a noise incident in Austin, ACL organizers donated to the same groups to support the artist.



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