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PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Castle Stage Show “Follow Your Dreams” takes guests on a magical musical journey this summer to Hong Kong Disneyland


Hong Kong Disneyland kicked off summer in style with “Follow Your Dreams,” an outdoor musical evening that debuted at the Castle of Magical Dreams as the resort continues to celebrate its 15th anniversary.e anniversary. Against the backdrop of the iconic castle that serves as the centerpiece of the park, this all-new spectacle is a must-see in combination with the many exciting offerings that patrons can experience this summer at the park as local tourism returns.

This show showcases the resilience and hopeful spirit of cast members, guests and fans around the world, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and never give up as they embark on a musical journey. Magic.

Mickey Mouse and many Disney friends take the stage to take our guests to this brand new musical extravaganza.

Artists from around the world light up the stage through song and dance, including the all new song “Follow Your Dreams”. Several well-known songs have also been rearranged and produced to provide guests with a never-before-seen experience, with a wide range of music ranging from electronic dance music to K-Pop and everything in between.

Pocahontas, Moana and Elsa, Miguel from “Coco” and Nick and Judy from “Zootopia” take the stage to transport the guests through their magical adventure. With beautiful large scale props and effects such as fog jets and bubbles, this show is sure to amaze guests time and time again.

The magic of “Follow Your Dreams” is also found throughout the resort with refreshing and tasty treats.

A “Follow Your Dreams” sundae can be found at Midtown Delights in the refreshing new Yubari Melon or the popular Hokkaido 5.0 milk flavors! Guests can also enjoy a Crispy Cookie Popcorn Mix, which pays homage to ‘Coco’ with Calavera shaped cookies, a colorful summer fruit Sangria drink inspired by ‘Colors of the Wind’ from ‘Pocahontas’, or delight in new pastries inspired by Queen Elsa, Moana and Pocahontas.

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