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Point Blank Masterclass: Thomas Irwin Talks Combining Electronic Music With Live Organic Instruments

Thomas Irwin has worked with many labels around the world including Sony, Spinnin’, Dharma, Warner and many more and has received a BBC presenting the top 10 downloads for the year 2019. In addition to dropping tracks successful, the young artist also performed at venues in London and around the world, including his debut at the prestigious Ministry of Sound and Fabric London shortly thereafter. It’s fitting that after Irwin’s debut at the Ministry of Sound, he received bookings to play at festivals across Europe.

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In his first masterclass, Thomas Irwin shows how using organic sounds in electronic music can bridge genres and add depth to your mix. Whether adding sweeping orchestras or barely audible subtle layers, Thomas shows how you can use these sounds to elevate your tracks. Thomas Irwin is currently enrolled in one of Point Blank’s Music Production courses and works closely with fellow student Adrian on their Music Industry Management course.

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