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Rich Delinquent gives us details on upcoming debut album, ‘Sadboi’ – // MELODIC Magazine


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In 2019, Australian producer, singer and songwriter Rich Delinquent stepped onto the scene with some very real songs that confronted his inner demons. After releasing the intimate DM if you need it EP in 2020, things really started to pick up speed for the artist, prompting him to follow the release with the Mighty “Cocaine Late at Night, “Bad time“and his latest single”She’s happy?By channeling the complexities of his mental health issues into his songs, Rich Delinquent met fans who understood him and felt the same. Hoping to connect with them even more, Rich releases his debut album. Sadboï later this week, which will contain more complex stories. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with him ahead of this release, talking about the themes of the new album, the concepts of his music videos and the tracks he says will resonate the most with fans.

Melodic Mag: Hi! Thank you very much for taking the time to chat during this busy time as you prepare to release your debut album! How does it feel to know it’s coming out soon?
Rich offender: Hello, Melodic magazine! Thanks for taking the time to chat! To be honest, it sounds totally surreal. Releasing an album is at the top of the list for me, and I’m extremely grateful to finally release Sadboï in the world.

Can you tell us more about some of the topics covered Sadboï and the creative process behind the songs?
Sadboï is an album where I reflect on personal imperfections, negative emotions and vices. Each song is written from real life situations that I wanted to share in the hopes of connecting with people battling the same kind of demons. For example, a single we released from the album “Bad Time” is about being intoxicated by a group of strippers and realizing it was a… bad time. I didn’t feel good about the situation, they didn’t feel good about the situation, and I thought about it deeply and tried to make it applicable to everyday life.

Is there anything you did differently when creating this album than when creating the DM if you need it PE?
The biggest difference between Sadboï and DM if you need it would be the musical influences. For Sadboï, I started to move away from electronic dance music, because I found it structurally limiting, and I have had enough of the “build ups”, of which there were a lot more DM if you need it. I wanted to create music closer to what I would like to listen to personally. Sadboï defiantly draws inspiration from a wide range of acts, from The Weeknd to The 1975 and even Bring Me The Horizon, which I’ve taken to electronic.

Which songs do you think will resonate the most with fans of the album?
I have a feeling the song “Sadboi” will resonate with a lot of people. It’s about making peace with who you have become. There is also a song, “I’m The Controller”. It’s banging, I think everyone will love it!

You have teamed up with Luma on your recent single, “She’s Happy?” What was it like working on the track with her?
Luma is truly talented and her vocals have that ethereal quality that fits the song perfectly. Hearing his ad-libs and harmonies on the last chorus still gives me chills. It was a pleasure to work with her and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The music video really brings more depth to the song – how did the concept come about?
All of my music videos expand on the music themes to take them further into the dystopian world in my head. For the album, I worked with my good friend and talented director, Daniel Anderson. We bounced the craziest concepts possible on top of each other and ended up with three insane music videos. I am so proud of what we have created together. I think we really brought Sadboï to live.

You openly address topics such as anxiety and depression in your songs. Do fans reach out to tell you how much your music has helped them or helped them through a difficult time?
Yes, I got touching messages saying things like one of my tracks stopped someone from thinking about suicide, helped someone get through a breakup, or even just that someone’s day has been changed. , and that’s what makes writing music worth it for me. Ultimately, that’s why I write music – to connect with people and hopefully help them get through whatever they go through in life.

Are there any lyrics about Sadboï who impressed you the most?
“I am happy to be a SADBOI! »It literally sums up the whole album and its themes.

Do you have any specific plans for the release day?
For my part, nothing in particular. For my fans … we’ll have to wait and see

Thanks again for your time. A final thought or comment?
No worries guys! Thanks for the chat. I’m really excited that this album in its entirety has been released to the world and I hope my fans connect with it on an emotional level.

Rich Delinquent’s debut album Sadboï will be available on November 5th.

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