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Roadie Coach electronic music teacher

If you’re just starting out on your path as a musician, you might be interested in a new electronic music tutor consisting of an app and a bit of hardware that have combined to create the Roadie Coach. Launched via Kickstarter this month, the music tutor has raised over $120,000 from nearly 800 backers with 29 days remaining. Designed to record your performance and track your progress, the interactive music tutor app is supported on Android and iOS devices and was created by the Band Industries development team.

Coach is a music tutor, recorder and MIDI controller and is the first of its kind thanks to its integrated contact microphone, standard Bluetooth microphone and wireless connectivity and touch surfaces. Early Bird Pledges are now available for the new project from around $149 or £111 (depending on current exchange rates).

The Roadie Coach music tutor can be connected to your acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele and also help you improve your singing.

Roadie Coach music teacher

Roadie Coach electronic music teacher

“For 6 years, the Roadie team has been working to perfect our vibration sensing technology. As we developed Roadie 2, Roadie Bass and Roadie 3, we asked ourselves, “What can we learn by leaving our sensor on the instrument while playing rather than tuning?” “. The response was an absolute deluge of new data points and that’s where the idea for Roadie Coach came from. Coach uses information about the notes and lyrics of a song you’re learning to compare your performance to the original piece. This provides a robust, high-quality data pool and ensures that Coach truly gives you feedback that will drive you towards mastery. It’s an activity tracker (like Fitbit) for your music journey that helps you stay motivated and data-driven.

If the Roadie Coach crowdfunding campaign is successful in meeting its required engagement goal and the project progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to occur around October 2022. Learn more about the Roadie Music Tutor Project Coach, check out the promotional video below.

“Coach can help with acoustic and electric guitar, ukulele and vocals at almost any level. No talent or knowledge is needed to get started with Coach. While seasoned players will love perfecting the tunes they’ve been playing for a time, even the greenest of us will find the process of picking up, tuning and playing an instrument for the first time much less daunting with Roadie Coach by our side.”

“Coach tracks your playing and gives you dynamic feedback on how you are improving. It will help you learn to play your favorite songs step by step until you can perform the original tracks in their entirety. Ongoing Along the way, Coach will suggest areas of interest specific to your needs. Not sure how to hold your instrument? Need help with string names? Or how to position your fingers? Coach has you covered, from bottom to top.

For a complete list of all available Project Pledges, Ambitious Goals, Additional Media and Tech Specs for the Music Tutor, head over to the official Roadie Coach Crowdfunding Campaign page by clicking the link below .

Source: Kickstarter

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