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Robert Pattinson was serious about the quarantine pasta dish

Chief Pattinson.
Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for the Academy Film Museum

As much as we hate to remind you of those dark dark days, remember in the melancholy of May 2020 when a QG profile documented Robert Pattinson’s attempt to make a portable pasta dish called “piccolini cuscino”? Pattinson’s ‘little pillow’ involved microwaved pasta, sugar, sliced ​​cheese, ‘sauce’, a bun and tin foil which appeared to electrocute his microwave during the cooking process . Yum, right? It all seemed to stem from Pattinson’s penchant for lying in interviews. But in a new QG on the cover (the magazine can’t get enough of the guy!), Pattinson is serious about the piccolini cuscino. “I was fully, actually, trying to make this pasta,” he said. “For example, I was literally in talks with frozen food factories and hoped that this article would be the proof of concept.” (Remember, Pattinson tried to pitch the idea to Los Angeles restaurateur Lele Massimini, who responded with “absolutely no sign of anything.”) Pattinson continued, “My manager was like, Is this really what you want to do? Want your face on hand pasta? You know you have to go to Walmart and sell it for a potentially very low return. And there was a part of me that was like, Is there a world where this works?“In the meantime, we ask, Should There are?

Pattinson also opened up about his next star turn The Batman, ostensibly the occasion of this coverage. When not filming, he enjoyed spending his time on set “just making ambient electronic music in the costume”. As for his other hobbies when he’s not innovating pasta dishes and DJing? “Fucking fret“, Pattinson said. “Worrying about the future.“Even. On a lighter and offbeat note: he designs chairs! QG dutifully reported that Pattinson enjoys making chairs out of clay, taking pictures of them, and having a designer friend build them. “Crazy sofa” – his words – is on the way. Pattinson wanted the logo for his new production company, as part of an early deal with Warner, to be a chair. “He is consumed by the chairs”, according to QG. “Think about them constantly.” Sit with what you have learned for a minute.