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ROCKI Launches $ 1,000,001 Artist Relief Fund for Artists Affected by Covid 19



As the effects of the global pandemic continue to trickle down to the music industry, more companies are leaning in to help the devastated event industry and the artists who fuel it.

Today ROCKI with the additional support of 1001 songlists, have just launched an artist relief fund of $ 1,000,001 for the benefit of artists affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Following 1001 Tracklist’s commitment to their Future of Dance initiative, the fund reserves at least 50% for traditionally under-represented artists, including women, LGBTIQA + and BIPOC artists. By helping these people from all corners of the world shine on the biggest stages and dance floors, we continue to defend the pillars of our dance music culture: love, unity and diversity.

The Artist Relief Fund, to which any independent musician can apply until the end of 2021, is an original idea of ​​the founder and CEO of ROCKI, Bjorn Niclas. A serial entrepreneur in music technology, he has been a champion of positive change in the music industry for decades.

“Setting up this artist relief fund was one of my passionate projects. The pandemic has severely affected an overwhelming number of artist friends across the world. They have lost the live events that are their main source of income (often up to 95% of their total income as artists), ”says Niclas. He believes this new initiative will help even traditionally under-represented minorities play a crucial role in shaping the music scene of tomorrow.

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Our Artist Relief Fund is designed to help independent artists learn how to use NFTs to sell their unreleased songs as collectible music on the blockchain. It covers associated strike costs and includes free webinars with our major partners and artists, sharing advice and expertise on how to take advantage of the expanded opportunities available in this uncertain post-pandemic era.

As noted by Rolling stone and Forbes magazine, ROCKI puts money in the pockets of those who actually work. To see how, visit ROCKI.app today and find out just how much of a game-changer the platform is. Relief is just a click away.

About ROCKI: ROCKI is the world’s largest Music NFT platform for musicians and fans on Binance Smart Chain. ROCKI is a music streaming service and NFT music platform designed to solve some of the music industry’s most fundamental problems – creating new sources of income for artists.

About 1001 Tracklist: 1001Tracklists is the largest user-generated tracklist database for electronic dance music that allows users to view playlists information from public DJ performances and radio shows.



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