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RUBIO unveils the hit single “Hacia El Fondo” remix pack


RUBIO unveils the hit single “Hacia El Fondo” remix pack: Listen

Take artistic experiments to another dimension, Francisca Straube imagined his personal project RUBIO in an attempt to move away from its usual sound and have more freedom in development and production without any limits. Well known in her home country, Chile, as a drummer, producer and leader, she mixes electronics, pop, hip, ambient and elements of ethnic music.

Different from all previous projects, RUBIO managed to achieve success in a relatively short period of time, with an eponymous five-track EP allowing this multifaceted artist to embark on a unique journey. Without borders and with a clear goal of raising his name in the scene, Straube saw his alias RUBIO gain recognition with the release of ‘Hacia El Fondo. ‘

With the track racking up over 4 million streams, it was only natural that a remixer pack was released. Putting their own take on this one-production masterpiece, 6 different artists helped elevate the tracks’ presence even further on the electronic dance scene. A variation of styles is evident on each remix, while the elements of the original track remain intact. In more detail, the following statement was made about the ‘Hacia El Fondo’ remix pack;

“This version is a remix pack of RUBIO’s famous original song ‘Hacia El Fondo’ (over 4 million streams). The original track was chosen as the soundtrack to the popular Netflix TV series “Elite”. The release is made up of 6 different remixes by Erly Tepshi, Binaryh, Alexis Medina, OIBAF & WALLEN, Antoine Toga, and Golden hour. Each remix is ​​a different journey that takes the listener to a new dimension.

Backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, the ‘Hacia El Fondo’ remix pack has caught the eye of Spirit against, Tiesto, Loyal, Brina Knauss, Santiago García, Economist, and The element by naming a few. Released now, be sure to check out each of the 6 remixes here, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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