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Saint Punk unveils ambitious debut album “Ouroboros” – EDM.com


With a gritty signature style called ‘grunge house’, Saint Punk is content with nothing less than bringing hell to the dance floor.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Saint Punk began his musical career in the rock world before making a successful transition to dance music in 2018. A dozen singles later, as well as prestigious remixes for Whethan, grandson, 3LAU, MXMS and BLVK JVCK, Saint Punk finally unveiled their massive debut album Ouroboros.

Just like the iconic serpent of ancient Egypt and Greece, Ouroboros has no beginning or end, and introduces listeners to a world of raw human emotions that flow within themselves and form a perpetual cycle.

Songs like “Gloves” with Matt McAndrew and “Animal” alongside Whyel masterfully present the rock background of Saint Punk, while others like “Comatose”, “Wasted” and “I’m Not Gonna Think” with Illicit Ghost show an artist well versed in the current pulse of dance music who is not afraid to put everything in place and experiment. Towards the end of the record, Saint Punk blends these two styles in a mind-blowing way in “Underwater”, while closing the album with “Ghost Blood”, which almost enters indie dance territory.

“Ouroboros are a never-ending cycle for me,” Saint Punk explained. “Writing this album seemed to me Marmot Day, only waking up to repeat the same events the day before. It has been quite a while since I wrote these songs and ouroboros have also become new life for me. This is how I choose to see it now. An endless momentum force, pushing and pulling, crushing against the grain, to be born into something worthy of the effort. Something with a purpose. It’s everything I’ve experienced and felt in 2020, from anger and sadness to euphoria, depression and more. It is essentially a journal set to music.


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