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‘Save Me’ is a confessional note to God by artist Paul Askew in his musical progression

The song ‘Save me’ is one of the most impactful compositions of the Modern Soul genre. In this song, Paul Askew confessed his sins and his inner guilt.

The song ‘Save me’ is an introspective song, and it mainly belongs to the modern soul genre. In this song, the artist Paul Askew confess all his sins and ask God for mercy. It’s evident in the song that the artist wants to be guilt-free and walk the path of purity. It can be said that the subject of the song is noble and usually one of the untouched areas that artists are afraid to deal with. However, Paul shows his courage as a singer to make such an inspiring song. Sadness is felt through the artist’s deep, numb voice.

One of the song’s most significant elements is its music. The song’s background music is intense and supports the subject. He carries within him the pain of the artist which is further elaborated through his lyricism. Moreover, Twennty8 played their part brilliantly and contributes the song to make a better collaboration. The upcoming artist Paul Askew has already proven his musical expertise in the song So in Love. However, this song shows his deserving existence in the music industry. It’s true, in the genre the artist is a new name to remember.

The most beautiful aspect of the song is its painful lyricism. The lyrics of the song are further substantiated by the passionate singing of the artist. It can make you cry while you listen to it. The artist makes maximum use of his skills and talent to ask God for an apology. In doing so, he unknowingly composed one of the most impactful songs of all time. So listen to the song ‘Save me’ on Spotify. To learn more about his musicality you can stay connected with him on Spotify.

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