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Singer-songwriter Quinten Tyvon releases three new singles: Ignite, Alright Now and Expression


Quinten Tyvon is an artist and songwriter who has developed a distinctive and unique sound. Based in South Florida, Quinten aims to deliver great music and make each of his songs so much feeling.

His discography is very varied, and he tries new ideas with each new song, opting for a more personal and immediate approach, definitely more interesting and unique.

Although this year was quite difficult for most artists, he was able to stay productive and further develop his sonic vision and creative identity as an artist. His music could be described transparently as a mix of different genres, challenging the allure of dance music, R&B and the energy of fresh pop in a very special sound formula. The artist’s most recent studio releases, Ignite, Alright Now and Expression, stand out as a very good taste of his formula and a perfect example of the artist’s wide range of influences.

Ignite starts off with a more atmospheric introduction, but the song immediately allows the dynamics of the structure to intensify, achieving a powerful blend of incisive melodies and organic instrumental tones that add more reality and depth to the track. This song combines with a really nice intro, which captures a really nice modern R&B and Neo-Soul vibe while setting the stage for an amazing melodic beat that literally sounds perfect for the dance floor! You will like it if you like Daft Punk, Usher or Bruno Mars, among others!

Alright Now seems to perfectly capture the spirit of electronic dance-pop while showcasing the artist’s extremely diverse approach and raising the bar when it comes to embracing a wider range of aesthetics and aesthetics. sound influences that highlight the power and quality of his creation. vision. “How come we don’t hold hands when we have the chance?” This romantic electro-pop song starts with a question and sets the mood for the perfect summer vibe. I highly recommend listening to this version if you like the sound of artists such as Avicii, David Guetta, and Will.I.Am, to name a few. I really like the melodic intensity of the rhythm and the perfect parts of harmony in the vocals! If good music made with focus and passion is your thing, this is sure to be something to consider!

Last but not least, Expression is also an exceptional track. This new piece of music is a revolutionary example of the amount of creativity and focus that goes into the artist’s music. The song starts off with a very immersive introduction, which quickly turns into a fantastic verse that adds so much focus and depth to this particular composition. Compared to the other two songs, this track is perhaps a little more intimate, and it moves away from the four-floor formula of the rhythm. It has a more hip-hop inspired attitude, especially with a massive but sparse beat that has a lot of bass! The melodies have jazzy vibes, which makes them all the more special and memorable. The vocal tone is also quite striking, going for a more natural and spontaneous vibe, which really showcases the natural talent of the artist. It’s a true masterpiece, and while the other two songs are happy, carefree dance numbers, I feel like this is where the artist really shines! Without a doubt, one of the most interesting and striking features of this version is its remarkable consistency. Few artists can easily achieve a project that features such a variety of elements and influences. The most obvious risk is that the hardware could end up feeling quite disconnected and loose – but it certainly isn’t.

Ultimately, it seems Quinten is a master at creating organic, melodious, and mellow vibes that flow really well throughout his songs. A deeper dive into his official Spotify profile will reveal a huge collection of amazing studio tracks to enjoy: these three songs are just the tip of the iceberg, because there is so much more to discover here! Every piece of the artist’s discography is perfect. The performances are loaded with passion and integrity, while the aesthetics of the production are also excellent. The mix quality is indeed absolutely world class, with stunning definition in the highs and plenty of punch in the lows and mids. The results sound warm and present, but never harsh or tiring, which is a pretty amazing achievement, especially in this genre!

Ignite, Alright Now, and Expression come highly recommended if you’re a fan of artists as diverse as Prince, The Weeknd, and Miguel, to name a few. The balance you’ll find in this version is simply impeccable, and Quinten Tyvon knows how to use his personality to add spice and dynamics to his groundbreaking songs. This music is no exception and it will instantly become one of the audience’s favorites. With such an exceptional focus on great chops and a cool production aesthetic, you really can’t go wrong.

Find out more about Quinten Tyvon’s music and stream Ignite, Alright Now and Expression on your favorite digital platform!

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